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If you don't do this I will lose all respect for you and punch you

The doctor must be trying to torture me, cause those pills just made me throw up. Ugh. I hate fucking pills. I'm so shit at taking them. I think I'll just live with my sickness, which otherwise feels a little better. It's basicallly just coughing fits for the most part, which occasionally make me feel sick. Sometimes I get a fever or a headache or feel weak, but that seems to be mostly from overexertion.

I'll probably have a shower later, when mum's out the way, cause she's stripping the wall and that shit makes me cough more.

Mum'll be going the weekend tomorrow. Hurray! I wish it was longer. I have plans. Ok, it's mostly just being in bed, but if the weather's ok I'll be taking pictures. (If the weather's fine I'l lget pics of the ickle shetland ponies and moorhens/ducks.) I hate I'll have to put an pics on mum's comp, then put them on a memory stick before putting them on here.

I'll probably watch Underworld then as well.

I keep getting Every Time I Die's Kill The Music stuck in my head. Ok, by that I mean Gerard's part.

I didn't not spend most of yesterday looking at/for porn. There's no way you can prove it, no, not at all. No, you can't look at my hard drive and my new userpic means nothing

Rhys stayed over last night, being all cute and adorable and... Rhys like. I love that kitty.

Another link to boysxonfilm, which an rp comm about porn stars. So yeah...

I may write later, after going on Animal Crossing. I did manage to do something short yesterday/last night, so yay! Inspiration seems to have returned. Let's see if it does for anything else too.
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