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Me Time

Me Time
Pairing: Jay James, Jaymie Brooks/Kevin Nash
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 36: Wanking
Warnings: Just the obvious
Notes: Jaymie and Kevin are pornstars and theye have fucked (but since I don't have an account on the site, I'm judging the scenes from the pictures). My orginal idea was going to involve a sex dream, but I changed it to this.

I stepped in the hotel room, laptop under my arm as I headed over to the bed. I was so fucking thankful I'd gotten a single room tonight. Normally, since there were four of us, we only got two double rooms. That was ok, but sometimes I just wanted a bit of... me time. Which was hard to do with Matt snoring, Moose drumming everything in sight or Padge singing drunkenly at the top of his lungs. Sighing, I sat on the bed, setting the laptop bag down and pulling it out. I settled the device on the bedside table, snaking the cable around the side of it, plugging into the wall.

As I let the computer load, I pushed my three quarter lengths down, casting them aside. The same was done with my underwear, and then the jacket I wore. By the time the computer had fully loaded, I was completely naked. My fingers danced over the keyboard, quickly loading up a video I'd downloaded off the internet. Usually at times like this I'd use the internet to check for a new one, but I both doubted this place had wi-fi and I was just too horny to bother.

The video that loaded was so obviously porn, but that was because it was. That and I skipped through the first few minutes of the clothed boys making out. I loved the two of them, they were just so sexy. One of them was called Kevin. He had dark hair and had lip piercings in a snakebite. Perhaps his most distinctive feature was a pair of wolf tattoos on his upper chest. The other boy was called Jaymie and he had sparkling blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He made me think of those Madina Lake twins. I often wondered if he was a long lost triplet... and then my mind would wander to dirty places. I shook such thoughts out of my head, reaching down and palming my cock. I encircled my erection with my fingers, stroking myself steadily as I watched them. They were naked now, kissing and pressing their bodies against each other.

I'd often pondered contacting the website to see if I could be on the set when they filmed a video. I stroked myself a little harder, staring intently at the screen. Jaymie was laying down on the bed, with Kevin's pretty lips wrapped around his cock. I'd noticed Kevin didn't really seem to suck dick in general, but he was really into it in this one. He bobbed his head up and down, gripping the base of his shaft with one hand, his black nail polish shining slightly in the light. I increased the speed of my hand on my dick, flicking my pierced tongue over my lips. I wasn't sure who I was more jealous of, Jaymie or Kevin. Often I imagined being with both at the same time, with Kevin's dick pounding into my arse and Jaymie's between my full lips. Or I had Jaymie bouncing up and down on my cock, while Kevin fucked my face. Frequently such images eventually ended with cum over my body and my tongue up their asses. I felt my cock throb in my fist, the images in my head making my hornier.

"Fuck..." I whispered into the empty room, jerking my hips up. I shook the images out of my head, returning my gaze to them. Kevin was now fucking Jaymie's ass with wild abandon, his hands on the boys hips gripping them tightly as he pounded his arse, the sound of skin slapping against skin leaving the speakers. There was almost no other sound from them, no exaggerated moaning or pleas to a higher power, just soft sounds of pleasure. Normal sounds. And that just made it hotter. Better yet, there was no shitty music playing over it, ruining the mood. "Fuck..." I moaned softly, wishing now that I'd waited so I could've pushed my dildo up my ass, imagining I was... involved with them.

As soon as I was back home, I promised myself I'd get in touch with the studio. I had to make this shit happen before my head exploded from the thoughts. I stared at the pair of them, who had now stopped fucking and were laying next to each other, stroking themselves as they kissed. I knew that the film was near the end, so I stroked myself faster, my hand becoming a blur. "Fuck..." I came over my belly, almost at the same time as Kevin did over his own stomach. I gasped softly, panting as I closed my eyes, rubbing the fluid over my skin. I heard a sharp gasp as Jaymie came too, my eyes opening only slightly to watch, the boys still kissing sloppily.

When I next watched one of the videos, in a few hours, I'd be sure to have the dildo ready and lubed up. I slipped out of bed, heading over to the mini-bar and pulling out a bottle of beer, popping off the top before flopping back on the bed, gulping the alcohol down. As I licked the cum from my fingers, I couldn't help but wish that this tour was over already.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, homoemo, jay james, jaymie brooks, jaymie brooks/kevin nash, kevin nash, slash
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