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The second genesis

Had a long nap again, gonna hunt for food after this post.

May also see about writing too.

Gotta be up early to try and see the doctor. I've called the JC and, shock horror, they didn't ind. The lady was actually nice. Scary.

We're close to being able to create artificial life in a lab. I don't mean test tube babies or any of that shit, I mean actual life. Unique, new, life. Is it a good idea? I mean we already have a microbe that turns sugar into oil (no shit) so... I dunno.

Yay at this Big Brother being the last!

I hate the constant ads for this benefit busters thing and how it goes on about a 'task force'. It's just utter shit.

Meme from luzestrellera

Read and/or write? Both, though I don't read too much.

Since when? Reading: Since... 98/99? Around then, maybe earlier. Writing? Probably early 00's
Your first fandom pairing: To read was Pokemon, to write was Blue... shut up.
The first person you told about your new hobby: I dunno...
Your favourite pairings: Jay/anyone, Oli/anyone... erm...
Favourite genres: Porn, twisted shit
Least favourite pairings: Gerard/Frank (overdone), Gerard/Lyn-z (obviously, both are gay), Brendon/Ryan (overdone)
Least favourite genres: Overly fluffy stuff
What makes a story good? I'm not actually sure. It's gotta have a good pairing for me to read and... I dunno.
What makes a story bad? Text talk. It's ok if it's used when a character is texting, but when the actual fic is all ur and all that shit, I can't stand it. Also, something that annoys me is when people put every other word in quotes. And then there's just.. fic that is bad.
My favorite author: I'm not actually sure. I just read whatever I'm in the mood for
The best story you've ever read: Again, i'm not sure I can really think one. Cause I fail like that
The worst author: I never tend to remember names.
The worst story you've ever read: Again, I (unlike some people or comms) generally tend to forget anything that's bad.
The best story you have written: I don't know actually. I often say it's Blade You Stain but I'm not sure now.
Do you leave feedback? Yep
Do you get feedback? Generally
Do you have a favorite kink? Watersports/scat cause there's so few of it, but I love most kinks
Does something squick you? Not really. I mean, as long as it's not a pairing I hate or it's too fluffy.
Is slash simply sex? It can be
How much time do you spend reading/writing? Probably too much. I try (on average) to write something once or twice a week.
Do you have RL friends who slash? All of them I've met through slash so...
Have you made online friends through slash? Uh huh, pretty much all of them
Do you think slash is just a phase? *shrugs* If it is it's a long one
Could you simply stop slashing? Nope

What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13: *shrugs*Depends on the pairing
Ratings R to NC-17: Totally hot
AUs: They can be awesome, can be shit
Porn: Is awesome
Angst: Depends.
Mush: Can be ok
Romance: Same
BDSM: is love!
Darkfics: They're awesome
Deathfics: It depends on the death
Non consensual/rape: Can be goood
Rape recovery Hurt/comfort: I don't think I've read too many
FPS: Awesome
RPS: Same
First times: Can be good if not too sappy
Established relationships: Same
Threesomes: Yes!
M/M slash: Is awesome
Femmeslash: can be good sometimes
Explicit sex: is awesome
The importance of characterization: It depends on the fic really. I mean, porn and shit doesn't require too much.
OOCness: *shrugs*
Cliches: sometimes
MPREG: I've not read it that much to be honest
Wingfics: Same
Crossovers: always awesome
Group Slut Fics: are wonderful
Het pairings in a slash fic: Are eh
PWPs: are awesome
Politics in a slash story:*shrugs*
Religion in a slash story: Religion can stay the fuck away. Religion causes too much trouble (hence while I never have anyone say god or jesus or whatever)

And finally....
Your pet peeve: *shrugs*
Your advice to new slashers: Write what you want, read what you want. Don't follow the herd. Dare to be different.
Your slash wish list: More Bullet/Madina/Jimmy/The Blackout/The Used/Bob/Ilan/Oli porn. Scat/watersports/bestiality/heavy kink. Erm...
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