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Do you listen to yourself when you talk?

A bullet point post, cause I'm lazy:
*The UA figs and composition book came yesterday
*Fame is odd
*The Bullet USB came today, but I fail at opening it
*Since last night I've been coughing heavily and feeling sick
*The 3D of the 3D episode of Chuck sucks, but Dom... whatever was hot (and I did not say say suck/fuck him every few mins, no not at all)
*I fail at writing, I just... do, I can't get anything down or clear images
*I'll try again later
*Got Kerrang, it's not special
*Lostprophets drummer is odd looking, but Ian's guh so... (I miss Ilan)
*Why are Madina only topless in tiny pics?
*Artwork is given 4K's, yay!
*Next week looks ehish
*I'm hungry and Danny's in here whining like a bitch
I can't wait for the weekend alone, although it'll only be short

I wish I was going to the Lostprophets gig tonight. Not just cause it's them and it'd be awesome (and I haven't seen them in awhile) but The Blackout will be there. Cue buttsex. Also they're in Birmingham now and Sean's (surprise, surprise) hunting sushi.

I might call JC and say I don't feel good enough to go tommrrow, cause my head and eyes hurt too.

Edit: Gonna call JC and let e know I'm not fucking going. Instead, I'll be trying to see the doctor.

Patrick was arrested! I now have images of him being raped by Bert.
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