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The questions are completely impossible

I ended up sleeping for about 5 hours today. Gah, stupid body.

Tomorrow the mystery package arrives. Yay!

I've failed at what I've meant to do tonight. That was to try and write, but I've mostly failed. Ok, totally failed. I've not even come up with a pairing for the one fic. Bah. Hopefully shall tomorrow. I want the two parts done over two days.

However, I did manage to join the rp comm so, if anyone else is interested, it's at boysxonfilm.

The bedside lamp is annoying as fuck cause it kept flashing for no reason. Gah.

How is the interwebs? Even though it's almost 4am here and I'm sure everyone's asleep.

Edit: There's a listening party for The Used's album in Birmingham, but it's at 9:30 at night and I'd be too shy to go alone. Despite the lure of free stuff.

Edit 2: You may remember a few days ago there was a comment to one of my fics from someone claiming to be someone from BMTH and everyone pretty much said, 'oh, that's not real right'. Well, not long after, someone said (in reply to a very old fic that I'd done that wasn't even any good) that Simon Amstell had read a fic about him.

Again, I was skeptical. Until I got linked this which (although I've not seen it all due to youtube being arsey) is someone reading to him that old fic I did.

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