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A work in progress

So I'm back from Cannock, which was mostly... eh. My head hurt and I've felt blah, but JC was quick (though they want me to go in Thursday for an hour which is bah). Everything else went ok, though by the end my hands/arms wanted to kill me. I got some cheap stuff though. A big book and dvd about reefs (I love water stuff, but that was the thing that killed me most), a Clone Wars activity book, Pulse, Catherine Tate Series 2 and a Stargate Atlantis magazine/dvd (which I think is an early series 1 one and I've always been curious). I also helped a wasp, which was stupidly on the floor so I picked him up and set him on a plant.

A thing that irks me is there's a place called Home Bargins and they've got loads of peach iced tea. Now, lemon iced tea is nice but peach is... ugh. It tastes like shit, except that's an insult to shit. I mean people get off on shit, but I don't see anyone in porn going crazy for peach iced tea.

I'm gonna fic later. Thee next bit of the sorta series I started a few nights back. May work on another superhero!BMTH fic, nother kinkyways one or a nullification one.

I've still not started that Underworld run, cause I fail.

After a week of being too sick, followed by plasters fucking around, I finally was able to have a shower last night.

I decided my Bullet hiatus thing is shit, so I'm gonna be back to rambling about them lots.

A vid got post on The Used's site, which was by Dan. The start's all artsy like.... and then it goes to filming Quinn on the toilet (which is hot) and them pestering Bert. By pestering I mean Bert laying on the bed while Quinn takes pictures of him which is sorta... porny? Shouldn't Bert be naked and jerking off? It ended with Bert being the loveable druggy he is. Jepha was nowhere to be seen (probably hogtied in Dan's room or something).

I have an rp journal ready to use later.

Now to restart this dumb thing and go on a million facebook games.
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