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What is she waiting for?

Last night was a pretty good night. Mum got us Dominos and Rhys came in and spent the night all curled up beside me. The only bad thing was MSN failed me and then so did my eyes, but I guess the advantage was a slightly earlier night.

Rhys was still here when I woke up, being cute and thinking any part of my body that moved was a toy. He's so adorables. Mum, of course, made me take him out, but she also asked if I wanted another cat. I'd love one like him. Cute, cuddly, loves attention. Unlike Solo who will only let you pet him if you catch him curled up. So... yeah, maybe.

I went to the Co-op today and yay! The nice lady was there and all concerned about not seeing me. She's so sweet.

I'll try and do the Underworld run later today. Might do a Star Wars run this week.

Not looking forward to tomorrow cause mum's got me running errands on top of JC and just going to the Co-op makes me all hot and icky. Although I'm authorised to use a voucher thing in the papaer in Smiths so... hoping for a good book.

Anyway, I figure everyone should list positive things in the future, since the universe can be sucky so... here's a random list of future happy shit. (I'd do it as a proper meme thing, but I'm lazy and it's early and...)

Rest of August/September:
*3D Chuck ep!
*Being alone next weekend
*Umbrella Academy figs
*Bullet usb
*Umbrella Academy hardcover
*The Used gig
*The Essential Atlas
*Finally having the house sorted
*The Sarah Jane Adventures (whenever it starts and when are they gonna bring the last series out?)
*(At one of the future gigs I've gotta try and get the recent minis sets cause I fail at them due to move/sickness/all that shit)

*Nan's birthday
*Papa Roach/Madina Lake gig
*Deathtroopers (zombie stormtroopers=awesome!)
*Seeing Mikeysaur
*My Birthday
*Bring Me The Horizon gig
*Saw VI

November/December/unknown days:
*Silent Hill game
*Resident Evil game
*Mikeysaur's birthday
*Umbrella Academy series 3 starts
*Clone Wars series 1 dvds
*Clone Wars series 2 starts
*Something Something Dark Side
*Doctor Who eps

Next year and beyond:
*Doctor Who series 5
*Umbrella Academy movie (don't fuck it up Hollywood)
*The next Resident Evil film
*Bullet's album/tour
*Lostprophets album
*The next Trek movie
*MCR's album?

Edit: And another thing.. tagged by asphyxiatide

Firstly: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.
Secondly: Tag eight people. Dont refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Who would play your dream festival?
Bullet, BMTH, Lostprophets, The Blackout, The Used, Madina Lake, Apocalyptica (basically a load of hot boys that can have an orgy)

Do you play an instrument?
Not really. I mean, I can make the guitar make noise, but not much more.

What's your occupation?

What's really creepy?
Spiders! They are evil! Evil, evil!

Who's your celebrity crush?
...I think everyone from here to Coruscant knows that

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
BMTH/Star Wars (yeah I'm back in uber squee mode)/anything Welsh

What are you listening to right now?
My playlist. Right now it's oldschool Bullet. Hand Of Blood.

What are you most excited for?
Seee above! (Though I'm really excited for the Star Wars shit)

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
LJ, facebook, e-mail, twitter

What was the last thing you bought?
With mum's money, paper/wine/sweetcorn, with mine Pepsi.

Where is one place you'd really like tot go?
Japan, cause it's made of awesome!

Does the weather affect your mood?
It can sometimes. It maostly affects my health

What is your zodiac sign?

Do you want to learn another language?
Yeps! Japanese (I have the DS game for that) and Welsh

What's one thing you love about your life right now?
That I can stay snuggled in bed watching geeky stuff

Do you have any siblings?
Nopes. Well, I do have at least one half-brother I've never met if that counts.

Which fictional universe would you wanna live in?
The Star Wars one! Let's face it, the Doctor Who one's too dangerous (Daleks/invasions and alien threats every five seconds) and the Trek one seems, well expploring and all that's nice and all, but there's the Borg and all and it seems they have... no fun. That and every single piece of tech seems to fuck up. And if I did live in the Star Warsverse, it would be pre-Clone Wars/Empire/Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

Werewolves or vampires?
Vampires (and none of the sparkly Twilight bullshit) cause they're less animalistic. Although a werewolf might win in one and one combat.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
You're strange and cutes!

I fail at tagging so...
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