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It may have

Random, short post.

Something came this morning, but the postman didn't make any noise so I've had to have it redelivered.

I didn't sleep till 6ish, but I finished fic.

Comment me and I'll give you a letter and you post 10 things you love starting with the letter.


nz_bonjovi_gal gave me A

1: Adipose
They're cute, adorable things! I want!

2: Attack Of The Clones
Obviously, it's Star Wars so it's awesome.

3: Apocalyptica
Anyone that can rock out with cellos are awesomes.

4: Angel
Is/was an awesome show. I need to watch random eps.

5: Animal Crossing
Is an adorable game of cuteness

6: Animals
Cause animals are cute, especially baby ones. Apart from spiders which should all be wiped out!

7: Armor For Sleep
Another awesome band, with an oh so hot singer.

8: Aurra Sing
A bounty hunter from Star Wars, there's something about her that just... screams awesome. I dunno what it is.

9: Anakin Skywalker
Another character from Star Wars (can you tell I'm stuck?) who's pretty hot, but also incredibly stupid.

10: Anal
Cause anal sex is hot. Huzzah!s
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