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Not kissing you goodbye

I've spent most of the day sleeping on and off, even though I've not really wanted to. Damn fucked up sleeping patterns.

The plasterers have done today, so maybe I'll get proper sleep.

I had an idea for a fic, literally 5 minutes before I did fall asleep. I did manage to make brief notes, but when I've ogne back to it today and made a start... I've not really been happy with what I've done. Meh. Maybe if I look at it now, after napping, I'll do better.

Mum's bought a prospectus thing from Wolverhampton, so I'm gonna have a look through later. They don't have what I was thinking of doing in Birmingham so... I dunno. There's an open day tomorrow so mum's said I can go if I there's anything I'm interested in.

That's all really.
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