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This is why we can't have nice things

Scientists, stop trying to create black holes. We don't know how they work, but we do know they just devour everything (ok, so it doesn't literally devour, it's all about having a gravity so big it just sucks everything up like a giant vacuum cleaner or a hooker that's been shown a wad of money). If something goes wrong, we're fucked and it's not as if we have a back up plan. And yes, I know it wouldn't grow that fast, but we won't exactly have a way to stop it or evacuate more then 0.000001% of the population from the planet.

So, in short, the scientific community should just wait until we have either:
a: a lab on an uninhabited world/moon/asteroid, light years away from Earth or any inhabited planet
b: a specialised spaceship that can go to a black hole and study one it directly
c: make a black hole on a specialised ship in the middle of nowhere
d: have given up and abandoned Earth altogether

Stop messing with things we don't understand! Perferably before an apocalypse.

None apocalypse things:
*Gonna try and do the Underworld run tomorrow
*On the last season of the Will And Grace run (I hope Mikey's disk cleaning trick has worked)
*I has porn to watch! Yay! Thanks saur
*Gonna try fic... something tomorrow
*Gotta do archiving
*Stuff's ordered, yay!
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