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I'll make amends but not today

It's 5:45am. I've reached that weird place where I wanna sleep, but I don't at the same time, you know?

I'm thinking of putting the kinkyways fics on hold for awhile. Maybe focus on other stuff. Probably other welshies instead. Just cause.

I may do that Underworld run tomorrow, but I'm not sure wheather to watch Lycans first or last. Damnit.

Maybe it's pointless sleeping since I'll just be woken up soon anyway.

Mum's said if I help her with comp stuff, she'll get me something off Play I've wanted for awhile. I hope maybe to stretch it to cover the UA figures too.

I'll use mum's comp (with it's damn in-built card reader) to upload pictures of Rhys and post them.

Also gotta go on AC and try to find my DS power lead so I can go on Pokemon. I should make a to-do list. Really.

I'm probably making no sense. Or maybe I am but I'm just rambling about shit.

Night all.
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