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Superhero Sluts

Superhero Sluts
Pairing: Curtis Ward/Lee Malia/Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Lee
Warnings: Crossdressing, watersports, slight BDSM
Notes: Based on the Halloween shoot/show. As a late b-day gift for emmaopteryx, hope the Lee porn is good!

"You look ridiculous." I said to Oli, looking over at him as he stepped out. He was wearing this... insane Superman outfit, complete with a padded chest and cape. I had a feeling the padding would just make him hotter when we wore them onstage and, I mused to myself, he should have padded his crotch instead.

"So do you." He gestured at me and I rolled my eyes. My outfit was far more simple. A spiderman outfit that tight and loose in all the right places, complete with a hood which now obscured my features. I thought it was nice, nice and simple. I ignored him.

"Curtis, can we see yours now?" I yelled towards the bathroom of the hotel room, where Curtis had holed himself up to change. I'd changed in my room and came into the hotel room they shared, eager to see what outfits they'd chosen. We all knew what outfits the two Matt's hoped to get, who were looking for them right now.

"Ok." I heard the lock open and then the door opened, revealling the guitarist for us. "What do you think?"

"Holy shit..." Oli whispered beside me and I echoed the sentiments mentally. He had boots on both feet, though the red bit that went upp his legs was too flimpsy to be practical. He wore a skirt which barely reached his knees, which was shiny and blue with white stars. A gold belt encirled his waist, keeping the skirt up. Above that was a red top, which was corset like in appearence and it had a yellow logo emblazoned on it. He wore silver wrist gauntlets and a red scarf-thing around his neck, which was probably meant to be a small cape. Completing the outfit was a gold tiara on his head and his bright red lips.

"You like?" He said, giving a twirl slightly, which he simply had to have known would show off the tiny red thong he wore.

"Holy shit..." Oli repeated and I nodded, feeling the blood in my body run south, the outfit suddenly feeling far, far too tight. Suddenly I hated this outfit and I only came to hate it more as Oli grapped the scarf-thing and pulled Curtis closer, kissing him hungrily. I gawped at the sight in front of me, amazed and aroused by it. Oli's tongue was between Curtis' parted lips, clearly working it's way around his mouth. I was surprised that the lipstick wasn't all smudged by all the kissing, but only slightly.

I reached down, palming my bulge through my outfit, knowing it's all I could really do. Without breaking the kiss, Oli reached over and grabbed my wrist, pulling it away from my aching crotch. "Bad spiderLee." He growled when he seperated from Curtis' lips, turning slightly to face me. "You shouldn't touch yourself." He tutted slightly, letting go of my hand before growling out an order. "On your knees."

I complied without thinking, sliding to my knees in front of him, in front of them. "You too bitch." Curtis did the same, parting from Oli and descending to his knees beside me. Oli groaned at the sight of us, fumbling with his outfit to get his dick out. He suceeded only by pulling the whole bottom of his outfit down, revealing his crotch and legs. He pushed it down until it was all bunched at the knees and then he aimed his semi-hard cock for me. He wasn't terribly impressively endowed, but he had a certain prescence to him. I gasped in surprise as he let out a stream of piss from his little dick, the hot fluid splattering over my outfit, making it cling to my skin. I let out a half-moan, half-whimper, knowing I should think that this was wrong or disgusting, but instead I just felt that this was so so hot. The scent, the feeling, the way it made my clothes stick to my body. Fuck. When he turned and let some of the pale stream land on Curtis' face, I actually let out a pathetic whimper at the loss. "Oh you want more bitch?" Oli chuckled and turned his cock back on me hosing me down from head to toe in it. I actually let out a sigh when his piss landed on me, my eyes lidding in contentment. I had the distinct feeling I'd be in this position again soon.

When his flow subsided, he turned to Curtis, wiping the last few drops over his pretty red lips. "So fucking hot..." he mumbled softly and I glanced at the boy next to me. I had the feeling Oli had hoped to get us covered equally in his piss, but he was practically dry in comparison to me. Oli's cock swelled in his hand, expanding slightly to it's full hardness. He gripped Curtis' hair and pushed him down, so his ass was high up in the air. I watched, enthralled and reached down to grope my sodden crotch, as Oli removed the scarf-cape from Curtis'. "Now, now SpiderLee, what did I tell you." Roughly, he yanked my arms behind my back, tying the with the scarf-cape securely. "Maybe now you'll behave bitch."

I whined, wishing he's at least let e wank, but all those thoughts we gone as he pushed up Curtis' skirt and stroked the smooth globes of his arsecheeks. "See, why can't you be good like this one?" He whispered softly, slapping Curtis' ass, aking him yelp softly in surprise. It wasn't as if we'd done anything like this before. He smiled, pulling the string of the thong out of his ass and pushing it aside. "Oh fuck..." Oli whispered, tugging out another cord which had been lodged between Curtis' cheeks. I watched with interest as Oli tugged it, making the guitarist moan softly. Apparently it was connected to something buried within his body. From my position, I watched as Oli tugged on it, pulling whatever it was from him. A few seconds later a small black ball, probably the size of an eye came out of Curtis' ass, making both groan. It wasn't the only one. My eyes widened as I watched as more balls came out of him, each connected to the same cord. Four more such balls came out of him, each one getting progressively smaller until the last one, which had to be at least half the size of the first.

"So hot..." Oli whispered, setting the lube-slick rubber orbs aside. "I hope that's part of your outfit." Curtis nodded, wiggling his ass slightly for him. Oli growled low in his throat, pushing the lower half off his costume off fully, exposing the few bits of art he had on his legs before casting it aside. Within moments, he was balls deep inside him, gripping onto his sides tightly. I struggled against my makeshift bonds, but they held fast. It was fucking unfair, I had this live porn show going on in front front of me and I couldn't do a thing to get off. The most I could do was inhale the scent of Oli's piss and rock my hips forward, the costume giving me only the slightest friction. Eventually I gave up and just watched. If I closed my eyes I'd just come up with filthier images and if I turned away the beautiful moans Curtis made would cause my head to twist back to them.

Oli pounded into him hard, his hands never staying in one place for too long. For the first few thrusts, they stayed at his sides before travelling to his hair and gripping onto it hard, licking at Curtis' neck. Again they shifted, one gripping his ass, the other slapping the opposite cheek and then he alternated. Eventually, he settled on pulling out Curtis' cock and stroking it rapidly. I drooled slightly, not caring that it stained the hood. I wanted to have my lips wrapped around Curtis' cock or have a stiff cock up my ass, fucking me as furiously as Oli was.

Curtis let out a sound that was like a whimper, his body arching as he climaxed, shooting over the inside of his skirt, though I wished I'd been able to see the act rather then the way it made his body to move and the loud sounds he made. I was unsure if Oli came too, until he slipped out of his hole, still hard and without a trace of cum on him. He whispered something in Curtis's ear, then came over to me.

"I'm gonna cum over your face SpiderLee." He smirked, stroking his slick cock with one hand, aiming it for my still hooded face. I wanted it, craved it, so I opened my mouth and hoped he would take the hint, but apparently he didn't want that. "Nu uh, you don't get to lick me clean." He increased the speed of his hands, his tattoos a blur of motion. I was so focussed on him that I didn't notice that Curtis had bent down and was licking at my clothed hard on. I moaned low in my throat as he licked the wet, piss stained outfit. His tongue lapped at my clothed length, my eyes lidding in arousal. Finally, this was the sort of attention I craved. Sure it wasn't direct contact, but it was enough. Oli growled and gripped my chin through the hood, turning me to face him again. "Pay attention to my dick bitch, not the slut between your legs." I nodded slightly, keeping my eyes on his little dick as he jerked it off.

Within moments he was shooting in a practical torrent over my face. I'd seriously never seen anyone shoot that much, even in porn. I guess that made up for his size. I closed my eyes so it wouldn't land in them and opened my mouth to catch the small amount that landed in it. I swallowed the saltly fluid, extending my tongue and licking at the hood, tasting whatever I could reach. Fuck, no wonder Curtis, Tom and fuck knows who let Oli have his way with them.

He stepped back, settling on the bed to watch us. Curtis just kept licking and kissing my cock and balls, occasionally nudging them with his nose as he did so. It became just too much after a long while of him licking and sucking, I climaxed in my outfit, staining it further. "That was so fucking hot!" Oli moaned from the bed, a dopy grin plastered over his face. If he hadn't just cum, he'd probably have a boner. His cock was certainly strainign for it, but didn't quite get there. "Release him."

Curtis smiled, freeing my hands as he licked the cum I couldn't reach on my head, kissing me gently so we could share the tastes. I was too breathless to really respond to his kiss, but I gave it my best shot anyway. "Fuck..." I was glad that today was a day off and I had the distinct impression we wouldn't be leaving this room.
Tags: bring me the horizon, curtis ward, curtis ward/lee malia/oli sykes, fic, lee malia, oli sykes, slash
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