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A curse is born

I dubbed the ninja!kitty that stayed for over 5 hours yesterday Rhys. I took a few pics of him, but lackign a card reader, I can't upload them yet. Bah.

I'm glad I finished that lesbian fic and yay! People like it, which makes me happy inside. Yay for lesbian!bikerchick!Bullet.

The picture of MCR as girls makes me ponder doing something with them, but I doubt it'd be any good and it would break the no-MCR fic ban.

I did The Grudge run last night. 1 and 2 are pretty good... but then you get to 3 and think 'why?' The basic idea was good, but it was just... it seemed the budget for the effects had gone down and the main chick was just, annoying. I just wasn't invested enough in the characters or anything. Maybe it's cause I watched it at 4 in the morning, but still... it felt ugh.

I recall having a BMTH dream, but only recall the superhero outfits.

No mail's come today, which sucks. I hoped something would come.

The plasterers are back, but not making much noise which is good.

I woke to very nice supermassive images of Jay that looloothebooboo posted. Cue me uberstaring.

I've downloaded some more stuff to watch and have it stuffed on the seperate internal memory thing this thing has. I dunno when I'll have time to watch the NCIS and Stargate Atlantis eps I downloaded, but both are the first ones.

I meant to find my Poppy Z Brite books, but I feel too tired due to lack of sleep. May later.

Also thinking what to write next. I think it might be something that's not for the 50kinkyways thing so it won't be Jay related. Maybe.

Annoyingly the remote's still awol. Need to find that too.

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