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Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere
Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Rhys Lewis
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 16: Vibrators
Warnings: Femmeslash
Notes: AU, with Bullet as bikerchicks. I also partly blame this on Mikeysaur for the fucking hot girl!Rhys manip he did.

"So, where exactly are we?" I asked as I hopped off my bike, looking around the place where we'd decided to park up. It was some cheap arsed hotel at the edge of town, though it didn't seem familar to me.

"Merthyr Tydfil." Matt replied, coming over to me as she adjusted her leather jacket. "Such a Welsh name isn't it?"

"Yeah." I nodded, glancing at the others as they walked over to us.

"I don't care, just as long as there's pussy and beer." I rolled my eyes at Padge's predictabilty. She was already looking left to right, no doubt looking for somewhere that would accomodate both of her passions. Her nose twitched slightly as she inhaled the air. Sometimes, she could find a bar just by that.

I removed my helmet, running my fingers through my hair. "Patience Padge, let's drop our helmets and shit off first. Then we can find somewhere."


Within the hour we were in a bar, sitting in a booth with a bottle in front of each of us. We were watching the locals, studying each of them with interest. One of them had already caught my eye. She was a slim girl who was sitting at the bar, who had long dark hair and large tits. "Well, I've seen one I like." Moose announced as she lifted up her bottle and strode out the booth. For a few moments it seemed like she was going after my girl, but she walked right passed her and started talking to a slender girl with smaller breasts. Moose always did like them small.

"Go after her." Matt whispered in my ear, stroking my thigh ever so lightly. "I know you need it."

I blushed slightly, getting the feeling that she must have heard me during the late nights, with my vibrator buzzing away inside me. The trouble was, I didn't have the confidence of the others, so I rarely hooked up. "Alright." I nodded slightly, running my hands slightly through my hair before downing the remnants of alcohol remaining in the bottle.

I settled the bottle back on the table, then walked over to her, swallowing nervously along the way. "Hi." I whispered softly, standing beside her.

"Hey." She replied, turning slightly to face me, a smile creeping over her lips. "I was wondering when you'd come over." I bit my lip slightly, not having realised she'd even noticed me staring. "I'm glad you did, you're pretty hot."

I felt my cheeks flush as I took a seat beside her. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure." I smiled, but before I could wave for the bartender, she stopped me. "At your place." I paused, then nodded, following her lead as she hopped off the stool and walked through the crowded bar out into the night.

It was on the walk to the hotel that we established details we may have learned over a drink at the bar. We learned each other's names, hers was Rhys, where we grew up, our favourite drinks and other random shit. She was younger then me, I could tell that just by being with her. After all, it was rude to ask a girl her age.

Soon we were at the hotel and the second we arrived at my door, her lips we on mine. She pressed me up against the door, making me groan in arousal. I felt my cunt twitch in arousal at how close and eager she was. Our lips parted long enough for me to mumble a few words to her. "Let's... get inside."

She seemed to agree, stepping back from me so I could unlock and open the door. Once within, she pushed me onto the bed. I was thankful the bed was a double, it allowed us more room. "Tell me what you want." I asked her as her hips ground against mine, my hands reaching up to cup and squeeze her full breasts.

"First, for us to be naked." I nodded, reaching down and pulling her top off. She looked so beautiful, even more so now that I could see her pale skin. I licked my lips lightly, my fingers gracing the curve of her full breasts. The slight contact only made me increase the speed in which I removed her clothing. Both her top and bra were soon discarded, leaving her upper half naked. I licked my lips, reaching up and caressing her tits. She shifted off me, out of my reach, but only long enough to push her skin tight jeans off her slim legs. Her pussy glistened slightly in arousal, which made me feel wetter. So beautiful.

When she returned to me, her hands instantly grasped my clothing, practically ripping them off me. Jacket, t-shirt, faux leather trousers, bra and panties all were scattered around the room in a matter of moments. She climbed between my legs, running her hands along my thick thighs. I purred softly, spreading my legs a little wider for her. Her hands inched higher, caressing first my belly and then my breasts. "Mmm I love all your sexy curves."

She tipped her head slightly, extending her tongue to lap at my hips. I moaned softly at her touch, mentally willing her to lick closer to my pussy. Thankfully, she obliged, shifting slightly and licking a slow path towards my aching cunt. She flicked her tongue over my labia, holding onto my breasts as she did so. I closed my eyes a little as she suckled on the slightly wrinkled flesh, her tongue darting out and lapping at my wetness. I groaned softly, reaching down and holding on her hair. Fuck her tongue felt so good. I wanted to tell her so, but all that came out of my lips were small whimpers. Her tongue darted in and out of my wetness, occasionally delicately lapping at the bud of my clit.

She pulled back slightly, looking up at me intently, his lips and chin wet with my juices. "Do you have any toys?"

I nodded and swallowed, my thighs twitching slightly. "A vibe, in the top pocket of that bag." I gestured vaguely in it's direction. She stretched out over me, extending an arm to undo the pocket and grab ahold of the toy. It wasn't the biggest vibe in the world, in fact, I'd chosen it specifically because it was small and discreet. However, when it was on full power it was anything but.

She twisted the bottom of the silver toy, smirking at the soft buzzing sound it made. "Perfect." She whispered, returning her lips and tongue to my cunt, while she lightly pressed the vibrator against my clit.

"Fuck..." I mutttered, gripping tightly onto the cheap sheets, my eyelids fluttering closed. She moved it in small circles for a few moments, then shifted slightly. I expected her to switch and lick and my clit while fucking me with the vibe, but I was only half right. She did slid the vibrator into my wet hole, but she didn't lap at my clit. Instead she shifted lower, extending her tongue to lick at the sleft of my ass. "Oh..." No one had ever licked me there before and now all I could think of was 'why the hell hadn't they?'. I purred as she used her other hand to hold my arse cheeks apart, allowing her tongue to lick deeper and deeper. Her tongue fluttered across my intimate hole, moving around in small circles. As her tongue penetrated me, I jerked my hips up and felt myself climaxed around the vibrating toy.

She chuckled and shifted away. "No one told you how good that felt?" I shook my head slightly, watching her in a daze as she removed the vibrator. She turned the off and made a very deliberate show of licking it clean. "Now, my turn." She whispered after she finished cleansing it with her tongue.

I was still a little breathless after my own orgasm, so I just kissed her neck as she lay beside me. I caressed her thighs lightly, inching my fingers closer to her pussy. Unlike my own, which was surrounded by the dark curls of pubic hair, she only had a light dusting of hair. I pushed two fingers into her, sliding them in and out steadily. I used my free hand to stroke her tits, but as soon as I got my breath back I shifted down and suckled on her left nipple. She squirmed, threading her fingers through my hair to hold me in place. I heard a familiar buzzing, reach resulted in her gasping and writhing more against the sheets. I shifted slightly so I could see and smiled around her nipple at the sight. She was circling the vibrator around her clit, moaning obscenely as the vibrations went through her body.

I purred at the sight, shifting to suck on her other nipple, curving my fingers deep inside her soft, wet heat. She trembled slightly and let out a soft mumble before she climaxed around my digits. As she had with the vibe, I made a show out of sucking on my fingers, smiling around them. "So good, thank you."

"No, thank you." I whispered, wrapping an arm around her and holding her close. She snuggled against me, her body seeming to fit perfectly against mine and I sighed in slight contentment.


I stood beside my bike, tapping my booted foot against the pavement. The others were stood behind me, only waiting for me to go. They had all said goodbye to their respective conquests, though I doubted that said girls were more then a series of one night stands. We'd stayed in Merthyr for little over a week, which was much longer then we usually stayed in places. "Come on Jay, hurry up, the road is calling." Matt said from behind me and I responded by giving her the finger.

"She'll come."

"Yeah, leave her alone Matt, Jay's in loveeee." I twisted my head and glared at Moose's mocking town, flipping her off too. She just laughed.

"I'm not too late am I?" I snapped my head back, smiling at the sight of Rhys. I guess all I'd had to do for her to arrive is stop waiting. Curiously, she had a back over her shoulder and a... bike helmet in one hand.

"Not at all." I smiled, kissing her gently. "It's been wonderful, thanks Rhys. I'll make sure we come back as soon as we can."

"Actually." She said, holding up the helmet so it was more noticeable. "I was thinking of coming with you. As long as there's room on your bike for me." She smiled shyly, running a hand through her long hair. "I've always wanted to see Wales."

I bit my lip, considering it for a few moments, before simply grinning. "Sure, just hop on and hold on tight." She beamed at my words and put her helmet on. At the next town I'd have to get it custom painted, just like the rest of the gang. I didn't care if the others would object, though I was sure they would have done before now if they were going to.

I slipped on my helmet, then mounted the bike, waiting for her to climb up behind me. "Where are we going?" She asked from behind me as I started up.

"Wherever the road takes us." And with the new, comforting feeling of her breasts pressed against my back and her arms around my waist, we drove off to parts unknown.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!rhys lewis, girl!rhys lewis, the blackout
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