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That's right, tweet tweet tweet

I went out today, for my first time since I got sick. It made me realise I'm not 100%. I felt dizzy and a bit weak. Sigh.

However, I did see cute ickle baby moorhens! When I first went by them they were in their nest (made in a bin that got thrown in the pond) and on the way back they were clambering up the little waterfall thing and swimming cutely. I want one.

I got Rock Sound, which I've not looked properly in yet. They gave Artwork 9! Yay! And there's a full page ad for it. Awesome! I also got some pepsi, biscuits and doritos cheap.

The remote for the digibox is awol, which is pissing me off. I wants it.

Block came back last night. It irks me. Hopefully I'll get rid of it again soon so I can finish fic.

The Grudge 3 and Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans came today, so I've gotta do a run of both trilogies at some point. The Grudge first I think. Tonight maybe. I've got some other stuff from HMV which I forgot to mention which should get here tomorrow. Including that Bullet poster of hotness.

The plasterers are here, making noise and downstairs more dusty. Ugh. Mum's also decided to piss off to Wolverhampton, which irks me like hell.

Now onto the main point of the post, from asphyxiatide.

(1) List 10 celebrities you would have sex with. (2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (10 - 1, 1 is the hottest.) (3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you. (4) Supply photos for said people. (5) Tag five people!

To be simple, all of them are from bands. So there's no Jay Smith or anything. Only half of them are Welsh! And all of them need to be ficced!

10: Rhys Lewis, bassist of The Blackout

Rhys is The Blackout's resident perv and one of the drunk's. Like Matthew, he's both thin and quiet. He's also the obviously kinky one. I preferred him with his old hair.

9: Matthew Davies, guitarist for The Blackout

Matthew's so cute and adorable. He is also so shy and so sweet. He remember me and Mikey! He's so awesome. He's also absolutely terrified of the fangirls that go after Sean and he hid in a corner to escape them.

8: Curtis Ward, former guitarist of Bring Me The Horizon (current sex slave)

He's a sexy-as-fuck Wonderwoman. It makes me sad that he left BMTH and I wish he was back. Still, he's probably locked up in some equipment case being fucked by Oli/Tom/Matt/Lee.

7: Mateo Camargo, guitarist of Madina Lake

Mateo has this strange quality. When people look at Madina Lake, they focus on the obviously-fucking twins, or the hot pirate drummer. But to me, Mateo's hot. I have absolutely no idea why.

6: Padge, guitarist of Bullet For My Valentine

Padge has a certain sexfulness. I can't really explain it. Maybe it's his Welshness (cause all Welshies are hot).

5: Snoz, drummer of The Blackout

Look, it's Snoz! In a The Used tee! He's so awesome! He rememebered me! He's also so big and cuddly. He's like a giant teddy bear. He makes me (and probably everyone else) feel small when I'm next to him. He has this oddly sexy quality to him that I can't place.

4: Ilan Rubin, former drummer of Lostprophets, drummer of Nine Inch Nails, singer/guitarist/bassist/drummer/pianist of The New Regime

Ilan (aka mini-Ray) has a sexful, kinda whorish quality to him. At his first appearence with Lostprophets he was in his teens and Ian said he taught him his 'hand work'. He's so adorable and he can play everything.

3: Dan Whitesides, drummer of The Used

Dan is The Used's drummer. He's all kinds of awesome! I'm so glad I got a pic of him at the signing, cause he's the only I wanted most. He's so adorable and he is so fucking Jepha. This isn't just rampant speculation, they've both said in interviews that they have. Why is there not more fic with them? Sigh. I'm pretty sure the best of his band are his botches too, cause he's always touching them inappropriately. Or licking them.

2: Oli Sykes, screamer/singer for Bring Me The Horizon

I can't believe Oli's exactly one month younger then me. I've always thought he's sorta hot, but it's only recently I've thought 'holy fuck I want him naked now'. Sure he's hard to understand onstage, sure he's not got much down there, but he likes cock and (most) of his tatts are pretty. Plus he has a hot brother that he's totally doing...

1: Jay James, bassist/screamer for Bullet For My Valentine

Come on, is anyone surprised Jay is 1? He's the hottest of all the Welshies, he's she, adorable, hot. Despite doing the screaming he has the softest, most adorable voice ever. In early Bullet pictures, he had his hair spiked up and just... looked like an angry lesbian, which totally doesn't match his personality/voice. He also has both a sexy tongue piercing and a sexful lizard tatt on his back. He's just... guhfulness.

And now cute kitty is in the house! Awww!
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