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Do something stupid

Another random post.

First, Mikey found a pic of Sean/Gavin with dildos! Yay!

Second, the pic of Gerard and... the thing that's doing the rounds is annoying the fuck out of me. She looks, as always, like a reject alien and her outfit is just too fucking pink and looks wrong. If she wasn't in it I might like it. I hate that it's in the back of every Umbrella Academy hardcover. Ugh.

Third, inspiration is slowly creeping back. Very slowly. Might finish it by tomorrow.

Fourth, Danny did a runner. He's back and ok, but chasing after him made mum fall over and get pissy at him. Dumb animal.

I finished the DS9 season 1 boxset last night. Might look at the special features later though. Tonight I may... fuck I dunno. I've gotta watch the two The Grudge films and the Underworld ones. So maybe I'll watch one of those. Or maybe Watchmen again. Or Most Haunted. Fuck if I know what I'll do.

Tomorrow, as long as I don't feel worse, I'll be going down to the post to get money. And maybe I'll get Rock Sound if it's good enough.

How is everyone else?

Edit: MCR as badass hot schoolgirls
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