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I'm not sure of the type of thing I'm seeing

So I just watched the Sonisphere footage on 4 and it pisses me the fuck off. Why? Cause Bullet were treated so badly in comparison to everyone else. First, every other band says at least a few words, Bullet said fuck all. Every other band shown played a full song, but not Bullet. As soon as it gets going it's cut out and fucking Metallica get another one. If I wasn't indifferent enough already to them. Perhaps most annoying is Machine Head, aka the band that kicked up the massive fuss, decided they weren't gonna be there and then shown up at the last minute, got a few minutes of talkign and a full song. They shoulda been the ones cut out. Jay looked so hot and sweaty too and Padge looked good. They even got a view good shots of Moose in too.


Still, it's vaguely amusing that so many listings said Avenged would be on and there was nothing about that.

I hope ther'll do another hour, but I doubt it.
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