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So why the hell would you say it?

Today's been slow and mostly blank. I feel the same as yesterday, which is good.

Last night I sorted the HMV stuff, so I've got the last Underworld film (I should say latest cause apparently, like Saw, it's gonna go on forever) and The Grudge 3.

I saw Dracula 2000 last night. Well, half watched. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't great either.

Sonisphere footage is on tonight at 12:10 on 4. Yay! I can't wait to perv on Jay on proper tv. That is, as long as the camera stays on him for longer then a second. I hope it's edited from the footage, cause the people in charge of the screens weren't exactly on the ball.

I wrote a little last night, starting the idea that's been vaguely in my head for awhile. But now I'm a little blocked with it. I may try and do more soon if my mind works again. It's another 50kinkyways one. I may do a BMTH or The Used one at some point. Or another gore or scat fic.

The Used are amusing. The others are so Dan's bitches.

Tomorrow is another day of doing nothing much. I may watch more Deep Space 9 or Watchmen again.

Yeah, this post is pointless.
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