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An off the rack, lime green affair

Today's been ok, I feel a lot better now. My throat's a little scratchy, and I still have my cough and the occasional rise in temperature, but otherwise... I feel better.

I'm working out more icons, which I'll sort later. I uploaded a Dan one earlier.

Once mum gets back I'm sortin the HMV stuffs.

I've had vague ideas I may start working on. I need to figure out which prompt to use for it first, then I'll get on it.

Mum fetched Kerrang for me yesterday. It's not terribly special really. Yay for Attack! Attack! being so highly rated though.

The box managed to catch The Blackout last night, yay! I hope it behaves tomorrow night for the Sonisphere footage.

The driers have gone today! Yay, I can hear myself think down there again! And I can actually talk to mum while we're in the same room. Scary.

It looks like Mikeysaur's gonna be up here for my birthday! Yay!

Yeah, this post is so disjointed and random, I'll end it there.
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