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It's on the tip of my tongue, it's at the back of my lungs

Thanks mum, really. She suggested 'oh, why don't you check if you've got that swine flu' something I've been loathe to do cause it might panic me or make me paranoid. Naturally it has, since most of the main symptoms are what I've had. However, I'm sure it's not and I refuse to dwell on it further. However, on the off chance I do have it I'll quarantine myself, remain in bed and don't go outside. Which means, annoyingly, that I'll likely have to get mum to go grab my tickets and that I can't see nan for awhile (not that I would anyway causa being sick).

Curse you mother.

I have one other icon space to fill, so I'm pondering what to put there. Maybe it'll be Dan or another Oli one.

I managed to get through all the pics for icons, all that's left is the most recent Bullet spams, which I'll wait on awhile.

Oli's such an obvious cock slut. I mean, having a cock tattoo and actively saying that he likes cock in his mouth... how blatent can you be?

Speaking of BMTH I keep getting their songs in my head and jumbled. Like, I'll do the chorus of one, then the verse of another etc.

Last night, Mikey's mum annoyed me so much I actually sent her an e-mail. Her response wasn't as pissy as I'd expected, but I still won't reply.

I may watch the Bullet interviews and shit soon, just to keep my mind occupied.

I watched Moonlight last night, it was good. I liked how the vamps aren't bothered by holy water/crosses/garlic. I always thought that shit was ridiculous. Name me one animal that's adversely effected by something just cause it's been blessed or it's important to some religion.

Stuff to do today:
*Sort recently downloaded music
*Sort pocketmodels
*Try and catch Darkrai again
*Poke people into reading fic
*Generally stay in bed and watch tv
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