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I don't think so Tim

Yay I found a pic of Eicca and Matt together. Huzzah!

I still feel icky. My voice is essentially gone still, my throat feels sore and so does my head sometimes.

I've spent the better part of a day iconning and I've still not finished. Guess this is what happenes when I don't have iconning softwere for over a month. Once it's done I'll upload other icons, maybe 4 or 5. I hate having to delete other icons for new ones though. Still, I guess I can get rid of some of the ones I hardly use.

JC was pointless, but thankfully she didn't ask me much. I ended up taking the bus back instead of walking, cause my head got too woozy.

I managed to finish that Dan/Jay fic last night, despite all the woozy that happened during it. If anyone's read/gonna read, please comment.

I'll be glad when Moonlight starts tonight. While watching Trek yesterday there was the same ad for it every ad break. Gah!

I hope they do more of those Japanese Mikey tee's.

I've got pizza going now, so I'll munch on that between iconning. I think tomorrow I'll watch all the Bullet stuff that has built up. Curse there for so many interviews! Although, yeah, most are with Matt (and/or Moose which seems odd for some reason).

I'm sure I'd something else to say, but I'm not sure what. Tonight will be more Trek, Moonlight and probably watching more Will And Grace cause I'm back on that again. Maybe I'll write more in a few days.

Damn pervy dreams.

Happy birthday emmaopteryx!
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