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Drummer's Hands

Drummer's Hands
Pairing: Dan Whitesides/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Prompt: 3: Spanking
Warnings: Fisting, spanking, bondage
Notes: Set at this year's Sonisphere festival, the idea coming to me during the evil travel of yesterday.

I ran my fingers over the bassists ass, smiling at how different it was to Jepha's. Jepha's was smooth, while his was covered in black hairs. Must be a Welsh thing. That other band's bassist was the same. At least this guy's was better rounded. I slapped his ass, so hard that it made a sound in the small space of his dressing room.

"Do it again." He whispered in that soft voice of his, wiggling his ass slightly. I chuckled softly, bringing my hand back down on his other cheek. His back arched a little, displaying that pretty tattoo of his. He wasn't as inked as Jepha was though what he had was... nice. In an odd sort of way. When he wiggled again, I slapped both of his ass cheeks in quick sucession, smirking as he yelped at the contact. It was such a beautiful sound. I loved the sound pretty boys like him made when they were in pain.

I kept hitting him, increasing the force with each blow. I smirked at the sounds he made, which only seemed to get louder and louder. I felt my dick ache in my pants, each whimper and yelp making my shaft stiffer. I spat on his back, reaching down to stroke the reddening skin of his ass. "Such a hot little slut." I licked my lips, digging my nails into the hairy flesh. "I bet you want more though don't you?" He moaned in response and I just smirked to myself. If only this had been during a proper tour. If it had been, I'd have had much more toys to use on him, more thinks to cause him pain. Maybe he'd have such things too. As it stood, all I had was my own hands, a half empty bottle of lube and a belt that was wrapped around his wrists.

"I'm going to give you what you want." I took a few steps back and grasped the lube bottle in my hand. He'd need a lot of it. I squeezed it out over my fingers, then stuffed the bottle in my pocket absently. Using my unlubed hand to hold him open, I spat on his ring and then pushed the pair of fingers into him. Normally I'd start with just one, but he had the look of someone that was used to having large objects inserted within his body. As my fingers slide within him with relative ease, I realised just how accurate that assumption was. My large fingers filled him, like he'd already been stretched open at some point in past few hours. Perhaps he had. I curved both digits within him, listening to the strangled moans he made at the slightest movement.

After a a few slow, steady thrusts to make sure he was comfortable with it. The second I was satisfied, I worked my index finger inside him alongside the others. He hissed slightly at the additional intrusion but rutted back against me almost as soon as the sound left his lips. "Such a dirty little slut." I licked my lips, thrusting them in and out of his body harshly, working him open. It took several minutes of working him open, but eventually I could see that he was stretched enough for me.

"Perfect." I whispered softly, taking out the lube bottle again and drizzling it's contents over my hand. I removed my fingers from his body so just the tips remained, the action making him whimper. I tucked both my thumb and pinky against my other fingers and, after putting the lube back in my pocket, pushed them back inside him.

"Holy fuck!" He groaned, his back arching up as I filled him with my hand. His ass seemed to devour me hungrily, his ring squeezing around my wrist eagerly. "Oh Dan that feels... fuck..." I chuckled, wiggling my fingers slightly within him, content to keep it where it was. I wished I had him on his back, then I'd be able to stare at his stomach, which would be bulging slightly from my hand. I used my free hand to stroke his cheeks, giving both light slaps, no where near as hard as the earlier ones.

I stopped slapping him when I heard a knock at the door, hearing Jay groan below me. "Jay you in there?" I was thankful we'd locked the door now. If I'd wanted people walking in, I'd have done this in my own room.

"Fuck off Padge!" He groaned in the direction of the door, sweat dripping from his face. "I'm busy!"

"Busy doing what?" The voice from the other side of the door was deeper and had a slightly thicker accent.

Jay took a deep breath, clearly trying to collect himself so he could response properly. "Padge, if you don't fuck off right now I will personally destroy every Jager bottle in existance!"

I heard grumbling from the other side of the door, but it seemed to have worked as nothing else was said. So I resumed my light slaps, smiling when he rested his head back against the floor. "So... sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it." I replied, scratching his ass with my hand. "I've had worse interruptions, trust me." Most of which involved Bert. He could be such a pest sometimes. Shaking such thoughts out of my head, I returned my attention to the boy impaled on my hand. I wiggled my my fingers inside him, knowing that one of them had to be around his spot. His hips jerked erratically, his stiff dick bobbing between his legs, the head glistening with arousal. I twisted my wrist, moving my fingers as best I could within his warm body.

"Oh fuck... ugh... right there!" Smirking, I kept wiggling my fingers against the same places, since I wasn't sure which one he'd been referring to. I could have gone through each one independantly, but I was now becoming impatient. I needed release just as much as he did. He finally climaxed after a few more minutes of my fingers squirming within him, his thick length spurting over his belly. Such a hot sight.

I waited until his climax was over before working my hand out of his beautifully prone body. "That was so hot." I flicked my tongue out over my lips, freeing my hard dick from it's prison. I allowed myself a few seconds to stare at his stretched out hole, which twitched quite beautifully. If we did this again, I'd have to fuck him first. I strode around him, gripping his hair with my dirty hand and lifting his head up. "Now it's my turn."

Without another word from me, his lips were wrapped around my shaft. His pierced tongue dancing over my length. "Fuck..." I groaned, my head instantly tipping back. I'd never been with anyone that had a tongue piercing before and I'd not expected it to feel so fucking awesome. I'd have to convince Jepha to get one done.

Despite the fact that I hadn't been able to touch myself, I was already over halfway there just from the first few bobs of his head. I tried my best to hold back, I really did, but once he deep throated me and wiggled his tongue, that was it for me. I exploded down his throat, having the sense to pull out so he didn't choke, resulting in a small amount of the cum landing on his face. "Mmmm so hot."

I panted softly, collapsing into one of the room's chairs. I reached for the room's fridge, pulling out a can of beer and, after opening it, I quickly gulped down about half of the fluid. "Ahh that's better. Now, come here." Jay shuffled closer and I released his arms from the bonds, handing him a can too.

"Thanks." He whispered, still panting as sweat dripped off his skin. I'd probably, once I'd relaxed a bit, end up talking to him about random shit. For now, though, we were both content to just sit there, drinking booze and panting. I loved these festivals.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, dan whitesides, dan whitesides/jay james, fic, jay james, slash, the used

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