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In your darkest hour

Well today's been totally scary/stressful/tiring. Ugh.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post, I'll look through and reply soon.

As I said in the last post, my throat's been sore so I've had no voice practically. It's back sorta now, but I wanna save it.

I only just got back in, so that's about 7 hours of travel +?

Before we went to the station we stopped at a little shopping place in Orpington and went in the HMV. I totally want The Grudge 3 cause it's only £6 (and I had no idea that Troi from Trek was in it). Mikeysaur got me one of those Rabbid figures from Game (the screaming one). Yay! After going in Waterstones, we went to the station.

Ugh, saying goodbye always sucks.

The train from Orpington was fine and easy to get on. I had a little nap I think. Either that or the stations just got closer together and half disappeared.

Then the trouble started. I was at the coach station for over an hour. Half of that time was waiting in the queue to get my ticket validated. There's 15 ticket counters so why the fuck was only 3-4 manned? That pisses me off.

The coach was ok (though the bags were annoying). I had images of Dan/Jay porn so I know what I want to do (but typically the kink isn't in the table and I don't wanna use the writer's choice's yet so I'll have to work in another somewhere). I may get on that soon, depending on how tired I am. And if I can work out which other kink I can use, cause none seem to work on first glance. Not with the idea I've had anyway.

I didn't manage to sleep, write, or read on the coach, so it was mostly wasted time. Bah. It took an hour to get outta London, which I think is crazy, but it didn't make us late. In fact the coach arrived about 10 mins early. I figured luck was changing but alas, nope.

I got to the train station and would've been able to get on the first train... if it hadn't been fucking cancelled. So, with an half hour of nothing to do, I wandered to The Works to get me some Pocketmodels. On the way I saw a few police cars, but thought nothing of it. However, as soon as I got in through the door, it all kicked off. Apparently it was a BNP protest and it got violent, so people were sheltering in the shops. Stones were thrown, people were hit, cops were in riot gear it was pretty fucking scary. I hid in the shop and when things calmed down I got some pocketmodels and went towards the till, but the cops told us we should move while it was calm. I didn't realise till I got to the station that I'd not paid for them in the haste to leave. Oops. Still, it was only £3.

I calmed down by opening them and yay one had a donut ship and there were other good ones.

Again, the train was ok, though I was worried I'd got on the wrong one till it got to the first stop. The walk home was annoying cause the bag hurt my fingers. I had to keep stopping and my Bullet shorts (which were fine at Sonisphere) kept sliding down so I had to stop to pull them up too. Bah.

When I got home, I was greeted by the adorable kitty, who almost fell off the wall in his lust for being petted. I wanna keep him!

So I'm back ok and I'm tired, I'll be on once I've eaten and I may write later. I have an odd rash thing which I hope is from heat or one of the bags. Bah. Also once I've eaten, DS9'll go on. I'll be trying to catch Darkrai on Pokemon now I've got the members card thing on it too.

August on the Bullet calandar is made of sex.
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