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Always safe to know

I had a much better sleep last night, though I was in and out a little beforehand. Bah. I feel a little better though, but my throat still feels funny. I'm glad I can rest of voice for most of today cause my voice is essentially gone now.

In a few hours (2/3 tops) I'll be heading back home. Joy. I hope the journey doesn't make me feel worse. Everything's essentially packed, but I'll check again in a few. Although home's still gonna be overheated, I think I'll be glad to be back there. Even though I have to mess with a few things when I do.

I'll probably snuggle myself in bed, put on DS9 (or something) and just hibernate until this thing goes away. And then realise I can't causa dumbass JC at ass o'clock on Monday.

And now, here's the main part of the post, where I generally make pleas for shit.

Without my comp (and not knowing where any of the cds are anymore) I need the following music (if anyone could upload it and be totally awesome):
*Apocalyptica's Repressed (aka the song with Matt)
*Any Linkin Park albums (specially Reanimation and Hybrid Theory)
*The Resident Evil and Underworld soundtracks
*Armor For Sleep's first album
*The Academy Is... stuff
*Slipknot (cept for Iowa, Vol 3 and All Hope Is Gone)
*Cobra Starship's albums (and the Kissed A Boy cover)
*The Doctor Who soundtracks
*Any Tokio Hotel stuff

I'm sure there's something else that's glaringly obvious, but I can't think of it. Any help with those is greatly appreciated.

Also (and I know there's some The Used fans on my f-list) does anyone have any pics of Dan. I can only find a few and I really need more (for reference mostly). Extra special points of they have his hands or obvious gayness.

Lastly, since I'm still all ugh and unwell I'm just gonna make a plea for porn. Bullet porn would be the most awesome, but so would Oli, Madina, The Blackout, Jimmy Urine or Dan porn. Bonus points for kink, scat, watersports or the use of Jay's cock.

I'll do another update once I'm home in, like, 8 hours or some mad shit like that. Hopefully the internet won't be broken again then.
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