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Which one's about him now?

I really like the new Mikey Fucking Way tee. Japanese is awesome!

LJ has been playing up majorly, sending notifications way to late. I think it's been sorted now, but still...

I don't feel too great. I feel weak and have an annoying tickle thingy at the back of my throat that won't go away. I dunno why. It causes me to cough a lot and made me have a shit sleep (and showering and drinking lots hasn't really helped). Anyone have helpful wisdom on a way to get rid of it? Or maybe someone could do me some Jay porn to help cheer me up?

We may be watching Clone Wars tonight.

I talked to mum last night and I think she'll be coming with me to Wolverhampton so I won't have to pay travel, yay! I'm essentially going to get my Papa Roach ticket (a normal one I'm not paying £70 or whatever for one of those fancy ones) and gonna go in CEX/Forbidden Planet.

Tommorrow I'm gonna be going home and I have most of my stuff packed. I think anyway. I hope I'll feel better tomorrow. I may sleep on the coach and get pocketmodels.

Once home I'll probably fic or sleep. And I'll be back on MSN/AIM properly then.

Last night we watched a film Mikey got from Tunbridge Wells called Feed. It's an Australian film about a guy feeding these girls up, until they get so big they end up dying. Also there was a massive missed opportunity for the guy to do away with a cop that's so annoying (seriously, he becomes obsessed with finding the guy before he even knew he fattened them to death). He shoulda just raped/fattened/killed him when he had the chance. Also at the start there was a teeny amount of gay cannibals. The cop really annoyed me though. He wasn't really doing his job and totally ignored the fact he had no authority/jurisdiction in America.

Anyway, it ended up giving me dreams. Oddly it involved Curtis (of all the people of the world) fattening up Jay, Oli, Tom and Padge. It was oddly hot. Ok, it was definitely hot. I can't recall much details other then that and that Curtis fucked them all (and made the Sykes' make out). And it's likely there was scat too. Ok, so there was scat, my mind's predictable.

I may fic something along those lines.

Speaking of last link to meme and another to the 50kinkyways table for suggestions.
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