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Alone At Last

Alone At Last
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 40: Virgins
Notes: For glastocharm who picked Matt for this prompt. As soon as I got given it I had this basic idea, which wouldn't leave me alone to do the Dan/Jay porn I was gonna so I fleshed it out and here it is really. It's set... well either in an AU, but I wrote it as a pre-Bullet fic.

I stood up as soon as I heard the doorbell, heading out of my room and down the stairs. I knew who it was before I even got up. I didn't even bother looking through the door's peephole, instead just pushing the handle down and pulling it open. There stood Matt Tuck, standing slightly gawkily on the front step, a bag slung over his shoulder and a well-worn Metallica t-shirt clinging to his slender frame. "Hey." I whispered softly after taking him in for a few seconds, stepping aside to let him pass.

"Hey." He replied, before entering. "Are they gone yet?" As he asked, his eyes darted around the small hallway, lingering on all the open doors to check if anyone was around.

"Yeah, they've already gone. It's just us for the next few days." I pushed the door shut as I spoke, smiling as he let the bag fall to the floor beside him.

"Awesome." He leaned forward and kissed me the second he finished those words, wrapping his arms arond me and pulling me close. We'd been together for months now and I was glad we had this alone time together so we wouldn't have to worry about being caught. I felt his tongue flick against my lips, so parted them for him, licking awkwardly at his tongue when it entered my mouth.

When we parted he took a deep breath, smiling at my scent. "Mmm I'm gonna enjoy this." He stepped back from me slightly, a smile playing on his lips. "You didn't have time to change?"

I looked down and blushed, realising I was still in my school clothes. Well, my shirt and trousers anyway, the former of which was undone and pulled out. I spent most of my time since I got home being nervous about this whole thing and messing with my hair. "Oh I..."

"Don't worry, it's hot." He smiled, cupping my chin in his hand and tilting it up to meet his eyes. "Now, should we get something to eat?" I nodded, watching him as he wandered into the kitchen, the tight jeans he wore showing off the curve of his ass. By the time I snapped out of it and followed him in, he'd already finished finding food, having settled on a pizza which he was in the process of pushing in the oven. "So, what shall we do tonight?" He asked as he hopped onto the counter top.

I shrugged slightly, not really knowing what to do in this sort of situation. "I dunno, whatever you want I guess."

"Well, I bought a few films, we could watch one of those." He nodded vaguely towards the hallway and I nodded my agreement.

After some debate, we settled on Blade Runner. It was pretty much the only one I'd not seen before and he kept insisting on it's awesomeness. So we spent the night eating pizza, curled up on the sofa while watching the film.

When it finished, it was much too early for sleep and fuck all was on the tv. "Maybe we should go upstairs." His hand was on my thigh, his fingers stroking the clothed area as he spoke those words.

"Alright." I whispered, feeling my trousers suddenly feel too tight from the slight contact. Taking my hand, he pulled me to my feet and led up to my room. I was more then happy to let Matt take control, since he was far more confident then I was. When we arrived at my room, he pushed the blanket off the bed and started undoing the buttons of my shirt, kissing my neck lightly. I caressed his sides wherever my hands could reach, content to let him do whatever he wanted. I only moved my hands away when he pushed my shirt off, the white material dropping instantly to the floor.

He stood still for a few seconds, before I took the hint and pulled his tee off, dropping it to the ground too. He was so beautiful and I never understood why he was with someone like me. His hands and lips were back on me, his tongue within my mouth again while his fingers worked on undoing my fly. Everything became a blur of motion as the remainder of our clothes found their way to the floor and he pushed my onto the bed. Our erections pressed together as he ground his hips against mine. I let out a soft moan, squirming slightly under him.

His lips left mine after a few more minutes and he panted hotly against my skin, stroking my sides. "Maybe we should..." I knew what he meant without finishing the sentence. While we had done several things together, sex was not one of them.

I nodded, my own voice coming out as pant-filled as his own. "Yeah." I felt that was the only word that I could my lips could form. I took a few more deep breaths, feeling my cheeks flush red slightly as more words finally spilled from my mouth. "So, er... what do we do... exactly?" Sex-ed hadn't exactly covered gay sex and every sex scene that seemed to be on tv was straight.

He looked thoughtful for a few moments, his hands stilling and as he held onto me. "I think we need to decide which of us gets fucked." I nodded and waved my hand slightly to indicate I figured it should be me. "Alright. Now I think I'll have to finger you first to get you ready for me. Wait here." With that he hopped off me and headed out the room, wiggling his arse slightly as he went.

I heard him run down the stairs, mess about with his bag and then run back up. "Ta da!" He grinned, waving a tube in triumph. "Lay on your belly, sexy."

I nodded and rolled onto my stomach, biting my lower lip slightly. I knew I shouldn't be nervous but I couldn't seem to shake the feeling as I parted my legs so he could get between them. His hand stroked my hairy ass gently as he whispered. "Sure you're ready?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." I nodded, then felt his hands hold me open. He leaned down, flicking his tongue along my crack slowly, just as I had done to him when I was last at his place. I groaned as the soft muscle pushed inside me, wiggling around my insides. I held onto the sheets tightly, closing my eyes slightly. "Fuck..." He pressed his face against me, pushing his tongue as deep as he could and circling it lightly within my body. I gasped softly, letting out a soft whimper when he moved back from me to take in deep breaths.

I didn't have long to wait before something else was within me. This time it was one of his slender fingers, slicked up with whatever was in that tube. He eased it in slowly, the tip wiggling slightly as he did so. "Ugh... Matt..." I groaned as it filled me fully, the digit curving slightly within me. Slowly, he retreated it and pressed his ring finger alongside it. The entry of the pair of them caused me to hiss slightly in pain and he still them for a few moments, rubbing the small of my back ro relax me. Once he was sure I felt better he went back to pushing his fingers inside me, wiggling them both slightly.

He kept moving them, slowly at first but gradually speeding up until they became quick little thrusts. Every so often the tips of his fingers would press against this one spot which made me moan louder. "Oh fuck..." He chuckled and kissed the back of my neck as his fingers thrust into me hard one last time. The next time he pulled them out, they were gone completely, causing me to whimper louder then when he'd removed his tongue.

"Patience." He whispered softly as he slicked up his cock, the sounds of which I could only just about hear. Soon his hands were back on my cheeks and holding me apart again so he had a clearer view of my hole. I felt his cock head brush against my pucker. "Ready?" I nodded, not trusting my lips to make more then an incoherent babble of moans. Slowly he pushed inside me, making me hiss slightly again. He wasn't that much bigger then his fingers, though it still caused slight pain. However, this time he continued his movement, only stopping when I could feel his pubic hair and balls against my cleft.

"Fuck Jay, you feel so good..." His blunt nails gripped onto my cheeks as he began to move in and out of me. Like with his fingers, his cock brushed against a certain spot that made my back arch and low groans leave my lips. I rolled my hips back against him and he seemed to get the wordless message of 'keep fucking me right there'. His hands shifted to grip onto my hips and then he really began to move, thrusting into me at a steady pace, but gradually getting faster each time.

I gripped the sheets even tighter, practically fucking the matress with my own hip thrusts. His chest pressed against my back, sweat from both of us making our bodies stick together. His lips found my neck again, kissing along the curve of skin until he arrived at my right armpit. I felt him take a deep breath and slam into me before he started licking. If it had been any other time, the action would make me giggle uncontrollably but now it just made me moan more. He kept lapping at the curly hair, stopping only to breathe and switch pits. He licked again at the pit, inhaling my scent as he did so.

"Mmm you smell so good..." He whispered, his right hand shifting to my cock to stroke me off. "So hot..." He whispered as he wanked me, purring softly against my skin as he resumed tonguing my neck. His balls slapped against my cheeks as he pounded me hard and fast, his hand jerking and twisting in all the right ways.

"Fuck Matt... ugh..." I groaned softly, my dick aching in his hand. "You're so fucking wonderful..." Everything else I could manage was a series of mumbled swear words as he fucked me, my eyes lidding. I came across my belly and the bedsheets, moaning softly despite how unexpected it was.

"Shit!" Matt moaned behind me and it took a few seconds to realise my insides were spasming around his still cock. "Oh fuck... what are you doing..." He let out a low groan, his nails digging into my hip. I felt him unload inside me, or at least I thought that's what I felt.

I fell atop the bedsheets, turning my head slightly to watch him pull out of me. "You felt... fuck, that was amazing baby." He slipped to his knees between my legs, lazily licking across my cleft, surely lapping up whatever cum my muscles squeezed out.

"You were." I closed my eyes again, whimpering as his tongue circled my arsehole. "Thank you."

"No, thank you." He whispered, planting gently kisses on each of my cheeks before laying down beside me. I turned slightly to face him, smiling at how his hair clung to his chest, which somehow managed to make him look sexier. He wrapped an arm loosely around my waist and nuzzled against me, flinging one leg over mine posessively, even though it was unecessary. Neither of us seemed to know what to say to the other, so we just lay in a comfortable silence until Matt decided it was a good idea to go flicking through the channels.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, matt tuck, slash
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