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We are the children

On the way back on the train from Sonisphere, we saw foxes. In daylight.

Yep, a random way to start a random post. The gig tonight shall be put in positives and negatives. I've probably missed a load, cause I suck and I'm tired so...

+Trains there=fine
+Odd future poledancer boy on the train
+Mcdonalds! They has the mozerrela things back
+Jay (Smith, Sean's brother) was at merch being all pretty!
+The band were randomly hanging around, which was cool (Snoz even gave me a thumbs up!)
*Sean was nice and let us passed... which was all kinds of odd
+I got another limited edition signed poster (for £1) and the full moon tee I've liked for £10
+Yay for We Are The Ocean!
+They were adorable and did their own sound check
+They played a massively long set
+Sean was a monkey, then Gavin sang on the bar
+Gavin twittering onstage
+There was recording foor an official dvd, coolness
+They forgot the lyrics to one of their own songs! That's never happened to any band I've known. They played the second verse first.
+I got a picture with Jay
+Jay likes Bullet! (as do the others why did I not know this earlier?) and he squeed over the awards
+We met the band and they remembered us! Matthew asked what we'd been up to (and we found out he wasn't at Sonisphere)
+Apparently, the band haven't seen the single as none of the two I got to sign it seemed familiar with it
+Snoz liked Mikey's painting so much he was rewarded with jam tart things (which oddly have a best before date as my birthday)
+Bob being panty
+Being home in bed

-I was insanely tired
-Long wait to get in
-The first band were iffy
-Not getting a clear view
-Fights, wtf?
-Another fight? Wtf? (Although Jay joked that it was over us)
-I'm 4 sigs short on the single
-Due to rush, I got no pics with the band
-Stupid rascist guy made us late for the train
-Which meant we had to find buses, which was tricky and annoying
-Earphones=officially deaded

In other news, Bullet won Best British Band! For the second year in a row! Woot! That means another poster, yay!

Tomorrow, Sonisphere and pics (and I'll check twitters cause I'm too tired to now).

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