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Turing air into gold

I watched my Watchmen dvd this morning. I'm annoyed cause we don't get the director's cut like the bloody/damn/fucking Americans do. Then again, I forgot how long it was to begin with. And damn, why do we get different special features too? I'm sure get less. We better have the same stuff on the 5 disc one. Anyway, I'm rambling pointlessly. I wish they didn't kill Rorschach at the end, cause he's pretty cool. And also, why do I get images of Adrian and Dan sexing? Adrian's tiger thing is cutes.

Anyway, my mind can't think of anything else to ramble about it right now so... I'll probably watch it again at home. (And I may get the graphic novel since I've never read it, or heard of iit before seeing the trailer in January.) I'll probably have Desolation Row and Ride Of The Valkyries in my head all day now.

Holy crap! It just thundered real loud.

Cue heavy rain again.

I hope it clears up for Sonisphere. I have no wet weather gear. Though apparently it's sunny there. I also hope the signing times get posted beforehand. I've sent them a twitter to find out.

Last night wasn't too exciting, though Kimmie's gone in Ugly Betty so... yay! No more hoehan!

RIP James the ickle fish.

The JC is crazy for expecting Mikey, who has agrophobia, to do a trip that's more then an hour and a half one way on train. That's just... insane.

Anyway, off now to help with Zero. Later, we pack and tomorrow we go.

I hope I meet Jay.
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