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Safe and sound

I'm here, yay!

Last night I watched the Black Frieighter. It's an odd little thing isn't it. Odd and tragic. Under The Hood's pretty good and made me wanna watch the film more. I watched the Motion Comic. It was good up until the Silk Spectre came along and the male narrator did her voice. Badly. Couldn't they afford a girl?

The trip to Birmingham went alright and I rooted round for stuff. I got the special Watchmen dvd from HMV (which is a cool molded Rorschach mask thing, although it needs to be kept in the display box thing it came in when I put it on the dvd shelf), the cool new Bullet tee (two amputated arms which loook so cool, although it took going in two HMV's and almost giving up on it) and I got a cheap X-Files book from Smiths (and a gift for Mikey). The best thing was getting Pocketmodels. When they first came out they were £3/£4 a pack. Today I got 6 for £3. I'm gonna try and get some more on the return journey. I hope they'll still be there. I got 4 from a set I'd never seen before so... bonus. And they had some pretty cool models to make within. I made a few when I got here.

I got stopped by a cute guy to do a cancer relief thing.

When I got on the coach, the laptop wouldn't come on, so gone was the idea of watching Watchmen on the trip. I hope we will tonight. I spent most of the trip asleep instead.

I had luck on the train's, wwith them within 10 mins of each other so I didn't have to wait. Now I'm laying on bed next to Mikeysaur.

I haven't heard The Young Veins yet, but I shall in a sec.

I have watch The Used's new vid which is awesome but... there's not enough prison scenes and would they really hang Bert? Do places hang still? Bert looked very good though.

Edit: The Yound Veins=...eh.
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