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Princess of a palace cracked

I am so... ugh!

Yesterday, just after the vid post, mum came back from her trip. She'd bought we back a Black Parade tee and two pocketmodel boosters (one which had a donut ship, yay finally!). We had a nice night, eating together, me randomly listening to The Blackout's interview and then we watched some film she got. She went to bed early (by terms) and everything seemed ok.

This morning, I was woke up by her, at not long after six, moaning. She moaned about everything and nothing. One of the things she did was about her spending money on me, which I didn't ask her to yesterday.

I ended up ignoring her and going to JC, which was ok. It ran a little late though.

I then went to Asda and to get out £30 of the £38 I had in from the cash machine. However (and this is the high point of the day) there wasn't £38 in there. There was, instead, £83. What the fuck? The onscreen mini statement didn't tell me where the extra money had come from (or when it was put in) so I'm stumped. So I went back into Asda and got Tales Of The Black Freighter (I was considering getting Watchmen, but the extra money means I'm definitely getting the special edition one from HMV). The extra money means I'll get Watchmen and that new Bullet tee from the big Birmingham HMV. It also means I'll give Mikey the money for the special edition of Artwork when I get to his. Yay!

I demand a key! Why does my useless uncle have one and I don't.

When I got back, however, there was the low point of the day. Mum had gone, leaving me no keys. So I was stuck outside for about 2 hours (after walking there and back from Cannock) and I ended up freezing when it rained. However, I made friends with kitties. One was teeny and black and white. He was shy, but cute as he sorta jumped up into my hand for hugs after awhile. The other two were fwends. One was like a fluffy Solo and the other was like a fluffy Solo with a white tummy. Both were adorable and craving touches. And the one thought the other's tail was a toy.


Cute fluffy animals!

Does anyone else wanna go to Sonisphere?

That's all really. I'm gonna watch tv, then watch dvd.

The new Doctor trailer is awesome!
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