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There's a new Clone Wars trailer from Comic Con (YAY!). I can't wait for it seriously (yes I've not seen all of the first season yet, but still...).

*Aurra's not in the trailer, though, like Bossk, she's in promo pics.
*Cad Bane is back which makes me squee too cause I think he's sorta hot.
*Geonosians (and a Geonosis-like planet/factory) appears, which makes me squee a little
*Same with Felucia, cause it's so pretty
*KIT! Although he's only in it briefly. However, that means nothing since the majority of the trailer seems to revolve around 3 arcs
*The 3 arcs are: protecting the duchess, battle on Geonosis-like world and Cad Bane stealing the Holocron
*Those assassin/probe droids are so freakin awesome
*Awww cute little Rodian-like alien
*Oddly, there's no clear appearences from Ventress, Dooku or Grievous
*I like the duchess' outfit
*Padme's a div
*Ashoka, die already

In short, yay!

Next week I'll be in a tent, molesting Welshies.

Today was pointless since I went to get the money and the post office was shut. However, I saw cute ickle shetland ponies on the way. I got to pet one.

Earlier I watched Will And Grace, Watchmen trailers (and finally got the song from it, yay!) and old school Bullet vids (which I had serious trouble recalling). Good times.

Everyone go read last post peas.

I have Live at the Apollo on... soley cause Rhod's on it. I'm odd, yes. After that and eating, I may try and write.
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