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Wrapping everything up

Huzaah! I has a mouse! I'm finally free of the touchpad of doom! Also Mikey's package came today, so I've The Poison bacck. Yay!

Umbrella Academy series 3 has been announced, but I've not seen a release date. If anyone does see one, hit me up cause I wanna know.

Mum's trip has gone badly, with a crash on the motorway meaning they missed their show. That sucks kinda.

Last night was spent not doing much, though I did watch Saw V just cause. The disc works fine which I was worried about. Also alst night, the Wii went odd and then fine again. Eh. But now I have two chickens in Harvest Moon and it's summer so... yay!

(No Majora till after Sonisphere case I know I'd get too into it.)

It's surreal that next week I'll be in a field, watching bands again. A good feeling though.

I'm gonna see about writing something tonight maybe. If I get inspired.

Speaking of writing, there's several things I need to do/finish up so I'm gonna list em here.

First there's Into The Darkness (which, if anyone recalls, was about serial killer!Jay). The move fucked everything up with it. Before it, I was two parts from the end and it would've been finished in about a week. However, since all my notes and everything was on the main comp (and I've not been on it since then) it remains unfinished. After Sonisphere I'll try and finish it off.

Second, there's the Umbrella Academy fic I started at Mikey's (that has the Leones in it). I wanted to wait until I did a read through before finishing it, but was never able to. I shall try and get that done after Sonisphere too, though since it's on this laptop, it'll be easier to do and I only really need and end.

Third, I'm considering (for the third or fourth time now) a Battle Royale fic. This will be worked on after watching the film. The original idea was to watch it this weekend and make a start via notes next week. However, cause of Sonisphere that's delayed. There's already a (preliminary) list of people for it, they just need various things assigned to them. The current plan for it though is that the main fic follows one main character through it (who is as yet undecided), with several side fics with other characters along the way (as opposed to have the parts juggling between different people).

Fourth, is maybe doing more to the zombie series. I've had vague ideas for it, but, like Into The Darkness, my notes were on the main comp so we'll see. I had at least three parts planned out (with Sean/Rhys, Matthew Leone and Bob)

Lastly is doing random things for 50kinkyways. My main goal with that is doing at least one prompt a week. I'll be seeing about doing one of those before I go to Mikey's and before Sonisphere (I predict there'll be a glut of them after seeing Bullet next week). Any pairing suggestions would be awesome.

Of course, no matter what I do, there'll be random standalones and shit jotted all over the place. Probably there'll be a The Used one and likely more Oli porn. Damn him.

Anyway, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, so add your thoughts in comments (not ims or anything cause I'll lose them).

I'll be off to see nan/get money out at about 2, after finishing going though things.
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