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Be A Good Girl For Me

Be A Good Girl For Me
Pairing: girl!Oli Sykes/girl!Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: girl!Tom
Warnings: Femmeslash, BDSM
Notes: This was gonna include scat/watersports, but in the end it didn't work out. I also blame this on my dreams and asphyxiatide

I gazed over at my sister, smirking at the sight of her. She was naked and tied down to a bed, squirming slightly against the sheets. A ballgag filled her mouth, causing her to drool all over her chin. When she saw me, her eyes lit up, probably hoping that I was going to free her. She was such a stupid bitch sometimes.

I walked over to her, the thigh high boots I wore making a loud noise with every step I made on the basement's cold stone floor. "Hello sister, I see you're awake at last." I smiled down at her, placing my hand on her thigh and stroking gently. Instantly she stopped struggling, looking at me curiously. "I know you may have it in your head that I'll be freeing you, but I'm not going to." I edged my fingers closer to her pussy, licking my lips as I let my fingers ghost over it. "You see, you're my captive." Her eyes widened at my words, or my touch I wasn't sure.

She mumbled something behind the gag, but I ignored her, moving my other hand to cup her nearest breast. I caressed the warm, supple flesh, smirking down at her. I'd wanted to touch her like this in so long and now I finally had the chance. She'd been so easy to ply with alcohol and it had been even easier to slip a drug into her drink to knock her out. Then I'd just been the kind girl taking her passed out sister home. "You won't be leaving this room for a long time."

I llicked my lips lightly, reaching for a lift of rope from the table beside the bed. "In time you will call me mistress." I wrapped the length slowly around the base of her left breast. "And eventually I'll release you from this bed. Once you've learned your place of course." I wrapped it tightly around her tit, then repeated the action to the right one. She struggled just a little underneath me, but I placed my hand on her stomach, atop the eagle tattoo there, to still her. "Now, now, don't struggle." I dropped the end of the rope down on the bed beside her, leaning down to plant a soft kiss on her forehead. "Be a good girl for me." I shifted my hands, stroking her breasts as they became slightly darker, slightly more sensitive.

"Do you like that?" I asked her as she groaned behind the gag. I licked my lips, taking the small, muffled sound as a yes. I lifted up a pair of clamps, digging the sharp teeth of them into each of her hardened nipples. She made another sound, her body jerking up each time I closed the clamps around her. I moved my fingers down her flesh, stroking her belly until my digits arrived at her cunt. I ran my fingers over her again, smiling when I felt how wet she was. This was turning her on, if she would admit it or not. I leaned down and licked her neck, purring softly as I pushed a finger into her. "Oh fuck.." I whispered to myself, marvelling at how warm she felt around my finger. I moved my finger back out slowly, placing my ring finger alongside it before returning thrm to her warmth. I curved them slightly, kissing the rose on her neck as I did so. "Ohh you feel much better then I ever imagined."

I moved my other hand to gently tug on the clamps attached to her nipples. I smirked at the delicious sounds she made behind the gag, reaching up and unbuckling it, craving to hear her properly. "Please Tom..." I growled and slapped her thigh hard for the sound to resound through the room. "I'm sorry... mistress..."

"You're learning already, good girl." I moved my fingers a little faster, leaning forward to kiss her. My tongue darted into her slutty little mouth, wiggling around her own. She tasted so good. I rubbed her clit, while speeding my fingers even more. I groaned softly, feeling self get a little wetter. I reluctantly removed my fingers from her, deciding she'd yet to earn it. She whimpered as my lips left hers as well, making me lick my lips. "Soon."

I climbed onto the bed and straddled her face, the PVC corset I wore shining slightly in the dim light. "Eat me out." I ground my hips against her face, smiling as she quickly took the hint, flicking her tongue out over my dripping wetness. "Oh yeah..." I rolled my hips, moaning softly as she wiggled it in and out, exploring my insides with the soft muscle. "Ohh... fuck!" She tugged a little at her restraints, though I assumed that was because she wanted to touch me rather then an attempt to escape from them. "Not yet little one..." I purred softly, reaching down and stroking her inked arms. "So beautiful..." I groaned loudly when her tongue shifted out of me to flick it over my clit. I let out a stream of incoherent mumbles out of my mouth, speeding up at the feeling.

Her tongue returned to my pussy, licking deep while, her nose brushed against my labia and clit. It seemed the rumors of her being a slut weren't exaggerated. I felt a slight tightness in my stomach as her actions bought me off. "Oh shit..." My hips jerked forward hard as I came, soaking her pretty face with my juices.

I panted heavily, sliding off her slowly. Her face looked beautiful, her tongue snaking out to lick at the fluid. She looked beautiful like that. "You've been a good girl, you've earned your reward." I kept panting, returning my fingers to her, thrusting them in and out of her sweet pussy. With my other hand I reached up and removed the clamps from her, hearing her sigh as I did so. I dropped the pair of them on the sheets next to her, rubbing her clit in small circles. "Such a pretty, sweet girl." I rammed my fingers in and out of her fast and hard, making a note to use larger things on her soon next time.

"Oh Tom... Oh yes...." She writhed under my touch, pushing her purpling breasts up into the cool air. Bending down slightly, I ran my tongue over the mounds of flesh, pressing my thumb slightly harder against her clit. I let my teeth graze over the sensitive skin, earning a whimpering sound from low in her throat.

Her hips raised up against my hand and I felt additional wetness soak my digits, signaling her own orgasm. "Good girl." I kissed the rose tattoo on her neck, removing my fingers from her to suckle the clear juices off me.

I uncoiled the rope from around her breasts when I was done, settling the rope to one side before perching on the bed and massaging the colour back into them. "Thank you Mistress..." She whispered in between pants and gasps, her lithe body still quaking a little.

"You're welcome my sweet pet." I leaned down and caught her lips with my own, ideas already forming on how I would use her. Then again, I'd had them swimming around my head for years, another day or two wouldn't hurt.
Tags: bring me the horizon, femmeslash, fic, girl!oli sykes, girl!oli sykes/girl!tom sykes, girl!tom sykes
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