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Cabinets full of pills await your every mood

Nothing's really been accomplished.

Well, Harry's cage is now back on the landing, so there's a little more space in here. That's it really.

I hate dealing with this touchpad so much that I won't be on as much until the mouse Mikey's ordered arrives. I hope it gets here soon. Soon being tomorrow.

I've not wrote cause I've not really been inspired, but I'm sure I will be. I've wanted to do The Used fic (or Mateo porn), but haven't got any specific ideas or anything. Maybe my mind'll come up with something.

Oddly, mum's been in a good mood dtoday. Perhaps she's been replaced by a pod person.

Kerrang's not terribly interesting but The Used covered in paint is oddly hot for some reason. There's another Matt poster in next weeks. Would it kill them to do a Jay one? Please? Just a little one would do.

Tokio Hotel look like they should be in a sci-fi thing. Probably due to their outfits.

Which led me to looking for TH porn and then being amused by finding one of Bill with a donkey. It's... odd. But good odd. Although I'd have preferred it if it had ben a horse instead.

Ugly Betty was just on. Fuck I hate Kimmie (Lindsey Lohan can burn in hell, ugh!) and it's obvious that Justin and that other boy have sexual tension much. But that's just me.

Watchmen's out Monday, so I'm gonna go get it after dumbass JC. I'm getting it from Walsall (for the HMV cover) so I'll get other random stuff too. If I see Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans I'll get it.

I'm watching Will And Grace again now. Harvest Moon later. Definitely this time. Followed by Majora's Mask (or I go on it tomorrow).

According to LJ I'm in a place called Cowdenbeath. WTF? It that actually a real name of a place?

Edit: Oli Sykes has a cock tattooed on him. It's shown in a video, does anyone have it?

Anyone that wants to suggest a pairing for a prompt in the 50kinkways table can do so there (limit 2 a person).
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