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Bite your tongue out

Whoever invented those mouse touch pads should be killed. Painfully. They're evil to an insane degree. It's hurting my fingers despite wrapping a bandana around them. Anyone have wisdom?

I have Pepsi again, so I'm happier then last night. Slightly.

I only went on AC briefly last night to get a few bugs. I really need to go on Harvest Moon tonight and Majora's Mask later. Cause I wanna kill things.

I slept earlier last night, around 4ish as opposed to 6ish the past few days.

There's a special edition of The Used's album, which I want. You get a tee, signed poster and dvd with it.

A link to a Matt fic, cause I know there's people that may be interested.

I may write, in between killing things and harvesting crops.

Edit: Comment for five words that I associate you with. Post them on your journal with explanations

1: Fanfiction - I write it lots and read it sometimes too. Most of what I write is kinky (as is most of what I read). Mostly I write it because it's stuff I wanna read and there's just... none of it around (like Bullet porn and gore).

2: Gore - When I was younger I was real squeemish, but now I love the gore. I wish there was more films and fics with it in, which is why I write it so often.

3: The Blackout - A band of 6 Welsh weirdos who are pretty boy sluts that also play music. They're all kinds of awesome, though Sean's overrated.

4: Band fandoms - Apart from writing and staring at pretty pictures I try not to get involved in band fandoms. The Panic! one seems full of squealing teenies and the MCR one is full of bitches. So I generally stay out of it.

5: The Uk - My home. There's it much to say about it really. It's nice here I guess.
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