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Fucking massive

The last few days haven't been exciting. I've just been writing. I ended up watching 8 out of 10 cats last night, cause Rhod was on there. Yeah, I'm aware I hae a Welsh fetish and I'm not gonna go to rehab or shit for it.

Apart from that I was just watching other funny stuff like Family Guy and Will And Grace.

I was meant to go to Mikey's to see Attack! Attack! this weekend, but mum, predictably is being a bitch about it. If I go, I can't come back. So it seems I can't go. I could try and talk to her more, but I'm certain she'd just bitch more. I went to get food and she was more concerned with moaning then letting me take it up to eat.

It's also annoying since it means I can't get Paint shop pro on here or get the usb mouse there.


I'll probably go on Majora's Mask or Harvest Moon later to calm me down. And watching something funny or gory.
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