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Strange Gifts

Strange Gifts
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 15: Food play
Warnings: Food play
Notes: Two fics in two days woo! This is based on/majorly inspired by this video in which the interviewer gives Padge a zucchini for... fuck knows why.

As I made my way back to the bus, I felt the zucchini in my hand. I smiled slightly to myself, feeling the weight and feel of the fruit as I moved. I wasn't sure what I was meant to do with it. It was essential a courgette and I wasn't too fond of those things. However, I was sure that Jay would appreciate it. I smirked to myself at the image, which had been in my head since the interviewer has handed it me.

I hummed to myself as I opened the door to the bus, stepping inside the slightly cooler space. "How'd it go?" I turned to Matt, who was reclined on a couch, a magazine laying absently over his lap.

"It was ok." I shrugged slightly, not used to being interviewed as much as he was. Most interviewers were just interest in what Matt had to say that half the time the rest of us kept out the way. It was strange that these dudes seem to want to interview me. "And I got given this." I held it up, smiling as he smirked.

"They gave you fruit?" He chuckled and shook his head. "Americans sure are strange."

"Is Jay here?" I asked him as I stepped inside, glancing around the main area and seeing no one else. "Or is he out with Moose."

"He's upstairs." Matt nodded up the stairs and licked his lips. "You gonna use that thing on him?" I returned his nod with one of my own, tapping one end of the fruit against my chin slightly. "I'm in." He dropped the magazine on the table and stood up, leading me up the stairs to where our bassist was.

He lay on the back sofa upstairs, his eyes closed as he listened to music through the earbuds in his ears. His t-shirt had rode up slightly exposing a strip of skin over his belly. I licked my lips lightly smirking. I was sure he did these things on purpose just so we would fuck him. Matt moved closer and gripped the three quarter lengths that Jay wore, tugging them off his legs. His eyes instantly opened and focussed on us both, a hand pushing the buds out of his ears. "What's up Matt? Got a boner from your dirty mag." He glanced over at me smiling a little, lifting his hips to aid in the removal of his clothing. "Back from your interview already?"

"Yeah." I grinned, flumbling in Moose's bunk to find the lube he always kept there, smiling in triumph as my hand grasped it. When I returned to them Jay was already naked, with Matt's spit slick fingers thrusting in and out of his arse. Both were sluts. Such sluts. I shook my head slightly squirting the lube over the deep green skin of the fruit. Jay didn't seem to notice, too lost the feeling of the fingers moving in and out of his body.

I lifted a hand up to Matt, indicating that he should remove the fingers but he still managed to thrust the digits in twice more before slipping them out. I nudged Matt out of the way slightly, placing the tip of the fruit against Jay's open asshole. "What the..." Jay's eyes opened again at the unfamiliar feeling but I just thrust it inside him, causing him to groan and jerk his hips up. "What have you put in me this time?" He was not unfamiliar with strange items going up his ass. Drumsticks, bottles, cans, mics.... almost anything even vaguely dick-shaped that came to hand went up his arse. However, this was the first fruit or any food for that matter.

I stared at his hole smirking at how pretty it looked stretched around the fruit occasionally twitching as I started to move it in and out. Matt was stroking his hips, his fingers touching everywhere but where Jay needed to be touched. His stiff dick bobbed up down down the tip shining. I thrust the fruit inside him near fully, marvelling at how it filled him. It was almost the length of my forearm, though only about half as thick.He'd managed to take that fairly easily too.

I reached between my legs undoing my fly as best I could, pulling out my stiff dick. I barely had it out before Matt's head was between my legs, his lips encircling my hardness. I groaned softly in surprise, placing my hand on the back of his head, tangling my fingers in his soft locks. As he started bobbing up and down, taking more of me down his throat on each descent, he planted his hand on mine elping me keep the thrusts up.

Jay had now taken the initiative and was now wanking himself off, his other hand absently stroking his chest. I couldn't help but think that he was truly beautiful. I let out a low groan as Matt wiggled his tongue against me in that way that he knew drove me crazy. I could practically feel him smirking around me, his other hand caressing my hairy sac. "Oh fuck..." I moaned softly gripping his hair tighter as he flicked his tongue again againt my cock. "T... touch yourself Matt."

He nodded and let go of my balls, shifting his and between his legs to free his slimmer but equally hard cock. He wrapped his fingers around it, tugging on himself quickly while he lips squeezed around me. I didn't really get to see him too much since his lips and tongue were both far too distracting. He had way too much practice at this. My eyes lidded slightly, my head tipping back as I thrust my hips to meet his sweet face. I felt myself getting closer so I opened my eyes and watched as we fucked Jay's ass with the fruit, my lips curving into a smirk at the beautiful sight. I was thankful that the fruit was solid enough to withstand his clenching muscles else things would've gotten messy.

"Oh fuck..." That was the only Matt got as I came down his throat my hand holding him close and forcing him to swallow it all. Well, force was probably a severe overstatement.

I turned my head back to Jay, who was as much of a sweaty, panty mess as I was. His hips were thrusting up to meet his hand, his other one taking over from us with the movement of the fruit. "Mmmm thanks for this Padge, it feels so so good..." He groaned, his body aching slightly. "Where'd you get it?"

"Interviewer." Matt replied for me, shifting back from my crotch and wiping the saliva from his lips with the back of his hand. He stood up off the floor, his hand still working his dick as he settled beside Jay's head. The bassist shifted and made one of the faces he made onstage before taking Matt's dick between his lips. A settled at the other end of the couch, lifting Jay's legs up to settle them over my own. I caressed the skin of Jay's calves and thighs, purring softly in between pants.

Since Jay's attentions were now focussed elsewhere I shifted his hand from the fruit, taking over his movements again. I thrust it in and out of his body as hard as I could, watching him twist and writhe. Sweat clung to his body, dripping down his sides on each thrust. He jerked up hard, moaning around the dick in his mouth as his own shot over his belly in thick spurts.

I couldn't help myself, as soon as his body stilled I leaned down and awkwardly licked the salty fluid from his skin, stroking his sides. "Mmmm you taste so good." He moaned around Matt's cock, the vibrations enough to back him shot his load too. Pity really. I was all ready to lean up and eat out his sweet arse.

"Have fun Jay?" I asked once Matt had removed himself from Jay's mouth and flopped down beside him.

"Mmmm... that was fun." He nodded and I grinned, grasping the deep green fruit with my hand, sliding it out of him with a soft, wet pop. I dropped the fruit on the table-top, wondering what else we could possibly do with it. I had a feeling it would be just dropped inside the fridge downstairs once one of us found the strength to move. In the meantime though I was content to just sit with my bandmates in our post-orgasmic state, panting softly.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck/padge, matt tuck, padge, slash
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