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Isn't It Obvious?

Isn't It Obvious?
Pairing: Jay James/girl!Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Het, BDSM, pegging
Prompt: 8: Leather
Notes: I blame antontobias86 for this. Cause he made the manip and it's been stuck in my head always. Damn him.

I groaned softly as the girl pushed me against the wall, grinding her hips slightly against me as she kissed me. Her tongue darted into my mouth, wiggling it around my pierced one, her hands running up and down my sides. We'd only met a few hours ago and I'd learned, despite being in a slight alcohol-induced daze, that she was a wonderful kisser. I was sure she could feel my erection through my three quarter lengths and her leather trousers. I pulled away from her lips, taking in deep breaths of air. "Mmmm, how about you show me your room?" I whispered against her lips and she nodded, gripping my wrist and pulling me through the house, taking the steps two at a time and wiggling her sexy little ass.

I barely had time to register that we were in her before she was kissing me again, pushing me back onto the bed. She straddled my hips, again grinding against me while our tongues danced around one another. Her hands ran along my sides again, stopping this time to pull my right arm up towards the headboard. Her kiss distracted me so much that I barely registered when a leather strap encircled my wrist securing it in place. She mirrored her actions on my left arm, securing them both outstretched from my body.

"Mmm you look so good." She whispered when she pulled back, regarding me with a hungry, lustful look in her eyes. I tugged at the bonds to test them once I realised they were present, but they held fast. Another grind of her hips stopped me from trying anymore, her fingers stroking my bare chest. I was glad my t-shirt had been discarded downstairs.

I whimpered when her hands left my skin, but I soon forgot all about them as she pulled her top over, exposing herself for me. She didn't wear a bra, but instead had black tape in crosses over her nipples, concealling them from my view. I looked over her body, gazing in wonder at all the tattoos that covered her skin. I'd never seen a chick before that had so many. They practically covered every inch of her skin, apart from the majority of her breasts and a strip of skin below her left one.

"Oh wow..." I whispered softly as my eyes gazed over the tattoos, trying to see what they were, although I found it exceedingly hard to concentrate. I wanted to reach up and touch her so badly, but the restraints held me firmly, making her chuckle.

"Now, now, be a good boy." She smirked and hopped off my lap, undoing the button and zipper to her trousers, pushing the tight material off her. I whimpered, wishing I had a better view, but whre she stood meant I could only see her arms move as she pushed the trousers and her panties down. My dick only seemed to get stiffer as she moved around the bed, her pussy glistening slightly in her excitement. "Tell me Jay, have you ever been fucked?" As she spoke her hand rested on her thigh, her fingers rubbing along her opening to distract me.

"Err... ye... yeah." I didn't ask why she wanted to know, my eyes glued to her as the fingers of her left hand kept moving up and down. She stopped her movements, moving down the bed and squirting something over the fingers of her right hand.

"Spread your legs." I nodded, doing just that for her, purring when her hand stroked my thigh lightly. It was only a few moments before I felt a slick finger against my crack, the digit disappearing into between my cheeks. I let out a low groan as it pushed against my ring, entering my prone body with surprising ease.

"Ugh... what are you..." I moaned as she pushed it in deeper, until it was at least half way inside me.

"Isn't it obvious?" She asked, pulling the finger back slightly only to work her ring finger in alongside iit, the action causing me to moan and tip my head back in pleasure. "I'm fingering you so you're ready for me to fuck you." She replied simple, keeping her voice soft and whispering the words slowly. I clenched around her fingers at the thought, moaning softly. While my ass was no stranger to cock, I'd not been fucked by a girl before. However, she was just far too sexy for me to say no. That and since I was restrained I had little choice anyway.

She retreated her fingers after a few more moments of prep, standing back and securing a strap-on around her sexy crotch. The shaft attached to it wasn't that much bigger then my own, something which was glad of. The purple rubber tip was, oddly, pierced with a silver ring. "Lift your legs up." I nodded, shifting both so that my knees pressed against my stomach. "Ready?" I gave her another small nod and she got into position, slamming into me in a fluid thrust. I moaned at the familiar feeling of fullness, my ass squeezing around the rubber like it was a real cock. My legs wrapped around her slim waist, my feet meeting just above the curve of her ass.

"Mmm I love fucking hot guys like you." She moaned, shifting back and then thrusting back inside me hard, the tip hitting my spot. She leaned down over me and kept talking in a whisper over my ear. "Strong guys like you look so hot being fucked." She ran a hand down my side, stilling it over my belly when thrust into me again. "Mmm I love that too. The feel of the dildo moving inside you. Have you ever felt it Jay?" She thrust into me hard at the question. "Ever bothered feeling how a cock feels through your skin?"

I shook my head and swallowed, only barely able to whisper a soft response. "No..."

"You should next time." She said with a groan, her soft breasts rubbing against my chest. Her hip movements increased in force and speed, the hand shifted from my belly, grasping at my dick and tugging on it roughly. Her mouth met mine again, swallowing all the sounds of pleasure I made. Our tongues twirled lightly around one another, breathy moans passing between us.

I closed my eyes and felt my hips jerk up, my orgasm going through my body as I came over the eagle tattoo on her stomach. She moaned softly, slowly sliding out of me, her fingers undoing the straps as soon as she was out of me. "Fuck that was so hot..." I watched in a daze as two of her fingers thrust into her cunt the second it was exposed. She crawled up the bed, sweat glistening on her beautiful body as she did so. She sat on my chest, thrusting her pussy into my face. I knew exactly what I had to do, extending my tongue out and lapping at whatever places I could reach and her fingers didn't block. "Oh yeah, that's it." She moaned, her fingers obviously curling within her wetness. "Fuck yeah..."

She flexed her fingers a few more times and then I felt fluid on my tongue, the taste slightly stronger then the juices that had been flowing from her. She moaned softly, pants escaping her lips as she rolled off me on the bed beside me. I watched as she languidly sucked the juices off her fingers, her other hand releasing my wrists from their restraints. However, I didn't realise she'd done that until she removed the fingers from her mouth. "Have fun?"

I nodded dumbly, still in a daze. Once I had coherent thought again, I'd definitely ask if this could happen again. I fucking hoped so.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, fic, girl!oli sykes, girl!oli sykes/jay james, het, jay james
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