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When people look back all they'll see is the numbers

Last night was ecclectic. I watched Mamma Mia with mum, who seemed to drift off soon after (I now will randomly hum Abba songs for the next week). Then I watched the first two episodes of Torchwood, cause I wanted to. I think I'll start a run of it from that. It makes me miss Owen and Tosh. Bah. Then I watched Will And Grace, which I've also been sorta doing a run of. it's odd, I'll randomly watch a dvd and then I have to watch all the ones after it. I started it from, like, the second disc of season 2 and now I'm in season 3. At the same time, I was finishing off the fic which I posted last night. Huzzah!

It's likely the next thing I do will be a Jay porn standalone for the kinkyways thing.

Today was eh. Mum got some mail from one of the surveyer people (or something) and it pissed her off enough to call my uncle and rant about it. That's all well and good, but there's a phone downstairs which she decides to ignore so she's practically yelling down the phone on the one in here. Since I'd just woke up at the time I was ready to strangle her. Gah!

After waking up I went to Cannock to do the shopping. After wandering around everywhere trying to find Underword: Rise Of The Lycans cheap (I only found it in two places, both too much) I have up and got Saw V from Blockbuster. The case is a display one, with it printed on the cover. Nice.

I got some stuff from Smiths, namely a tv guide (which we really need to start getting again), sweets (fruit salad chewits=< 3333), a cheap Charmed dvd thing (I used to watch it forever ago but then... stopped. I wonder if the eps on the dvd'll be any good) and Rock Sound (which isn't terribly fantastic from what I've skimmed so far, but I'll look again later).

After doing the shopping in Iceland (which I'm waiting on the delivery) I went to Asda. There, I got a Wii points card and Torchwood: Children Of Earth. Yeah, I know, I said I wouldn't get it but a: I'll only watch it when I get there on the Torchwood run and b: I get the feeling it'll only go up in price (and I could probably find a c if I put my mind to it). So... yeah.

I gotta go back in Home Bargins next time I'm there to get The Kids Are Alright game and a greenhouse thing I saw today (with exotic plants including a carnivorous one!). I was too loaded up to carry either.

Once home I found out that the Torchwood dvds were in reverse order (seriously, how hard is it to put 2 discs in order?), then I went on the Wii to do a system update. And use my points. I used them on, perhaps, the bestest N64 game (if not one of the best games ever) Majora's Mask. It's a game that's made of all kinds of awesome and I'll totally go on it this week.

Later I'll go the Wii to go on both AC and Harvest Moon, AC first cause I have to go on in daylight.

Also, once the delivery has been made I'll go and get pepsi.
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