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The Outback Part 2

The Outback
Pairing: JJ Peters/Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, rape, BDSM, death, necro, gore
Notes: For fruityahren, who wanted JJ porn and Sykes porn. This is the more twisted of the two parts. Way more twisted. Look away now if you don't like twisted shit. I did consider having scat in it, but never got round to it.
Part 1
Part 2

Two weeks. That's how long I'd had the pair of them. Over that time, I'd had fun with them both. I licked my lips as I pushed open the door, stepping inside and gazing down at the two boys. Both of them were shut within their respective cages. I stepped down the stairs, keeping my gaze on their sleeping bodies. Just a few days ago I'd filmed them doing all kinds of obscene acts to each other. I encircled the room, flicking on the various camcorders that I had in the room to on, deciding they needed to record every act of today's activities. Once I was done I stood before the cages again.

The pair of them had various marks on their body from where I'd hit them, though they were starting to fade now. Oli had taken the brunt of it from where he'd been stubbon and tried to resist me. He didn't anymore though. I stopped in front of their cages, flicking my tongue over my lips. I'd knew exactly what was going to happen today. Oli would have one final bit of pleasure before... well.

I stared at the tattooed boy, smirking more as he stirred awake. I licked my lips, glancing over at the cage beside his. They were both seperated so they couldn't reach out to one another during the night. His brother was curled up tight, sleeping soundly in the tiny space.I turned my attention back to Oli, licking my lips lightly. "Hello pet."

"Master..." He whispered softly as he watched me, eyes slightly wide with fear. I walked closer to his cage, unlocking it and pulling the door open. He started to move in it, making moves to crawl out, but once I was able I gripped onto his hair and dragged him out into the open. He whimpered pathetically at the action, causing Tom to wake too. I moved behind the boy, gripping onto his cheeks and roughly slamming into him. He squeally loudly, just like a little pig as I began to fuck him hard and fast.

I gripped onto his fleshy cheeks, growling low in my throat and spitting onto his bare back. He whimpered and wiggled slightly, but didn't struggle overly much. His ass muscles clenched around me on every inward thrust I made, making me groan low in my throat. He sure as fuck knew how to get me off now. They were fast learners. I leaned down over him, purring softly in his ear. "Today I will do something that will hurt one of you. You choose who."

"M... me." He replied, only hesitating when I slammed into him hard. "Do it to me master."

He was so very predictable.

I handful more thrusts was all it took to bring me off, flooding his insides with my seed. I scratched down his back, easing out of him while I licked my lips. "Such a good boy." Almost a shame that was his last fuck. I slide out of him, patting his ass lightly. "You've learned to behave so well lately. It's a pity really." I said as I left him, heading across the room to one of the sets of drawers.


"Lay on your back cunt." I turned slightly, smirking as he did so, laying back. His belly was slightly more plump then it had been when they arrived, a result of drugs I'd put in his food.I came back to him slowly, carrying a knife behind my back. I released Tom from his cage, growling softly. "Suck him."

"Yes sir." Tom crawled over to his brother, moving between his spread legs. Once in position, the young boy bent down and suckled on his brother's small dick. Essentially Tom swallowed the whole think and just licked at the flesh, the shaft too short to justify head bobbing. Once Oli's eyes fluttered closed I stepped closer, smirking. I played with the knife in my hand, watching and waiting. I hoovered the blade above the one piece of skin of his chest that was uninked and waited.

When he let out a soft gasp and jerked his hips up, I slammed the blade into him hard, smirking as the sound of pleasure turned into a shriek of pain. Tom jerked back at the sound, eyes wide at the sight of his brother, a knife in his chest and blood spilling out of him. "While you have served me well Oli, I've decided I'd rather have Tom for now." I ripped the blade out of him, causing him to howl and more blood to spill out, some splashing across Tom's face. "Your body will not go to waste, which is something you should be thankful for." I combed my fingers through his hair and smirked, going to get the camera, taking shots of him.

"No..." Tom whispered, holding onto his brother, the blood seeping over his hand as he attempted to stop the bleeding. "No Oli..."

"I did this for you Tom." He replied softly, but I still managed to hear it. "Remember that and live for me."

"How touching." I chuckled softly, licking my lips as I watched them. "How about you show him how grateful you are Tom. By fucking his worthless ass."

Tom looked at his brother and only when he nodded did he gently roll him over and pushed into the older boy. His thrusts were slow and steady, even as his brother made little sounds of pain, his eyes lidding tightly.

Minutes went by until Oli stopped making sounds, his body slumping agains the floor. Tom realised soon after I did and almost pulled out, but a low growl from me made him keep going, tears streaming down his face. "Now, now, he's in a better place and all that shit." I wasn't sure if I even believed that, but it made him nod and move a little faster.

Although the sight of him fucking his dead brother was arousing, I knew I could get better shots when I made him fuck him once the body was paler. So I strode over to him and thrust two fingers up his arsehole, curling both to find his spot. He groaned softly, rocking between my intruding fingers and his brother's cooling body. A squeeze of his inside around my finger indicated he came, the thick fluid joining my own.

He collapsed on his brother once I removed my finger, sobbing like a little baby. I decided to leave them like that for now, not bothering to seperate them. I'd give him time for now. I knew he'd recover.


I reclined back on my sofa, reaching down and running my fingers through Tom's soft hair. It had been just over a month since I'd killed Oli. And, true to my word, his body hadn't gone to waste. Spread across the wall behind the tv was the inked skin I'd flayed from his body. The milky white skin was a nice contrast to the colours of the various inks upon it. The tattoos were too good to just waste. I couldn't just leave them to rot away. Likewise, I couldn't be rid of his pretty head. Sure, I'd had to replace his eyes with glass ones and had to empty out the insides, but it still looked pretty good. It was mounted beside the skin, the glass eyes staring out lifelessly.

His bones I'd kept for the most part, locking them in a small trunk in my bedroom. If I was honest, I still wasn't sure what to do with them, other then use them to occasionally torture or insert inside Tom. Various picture frames scattered around the house had pictures of Oli's body, with only a few of them as he was before his last day. I'd feed his genitals to Tom the day after he died, after a short mental debate on if I should preserve them. "Have you been a good boy and eaten all your food?" He nodded in my hand and I knew he was telling the truth. He loved the meat I fed him, so much that the bowl was always licked clean in minutes.

Sometimes I wondered if he still registered exactly what he was eating. Or, more to the point, who he was eating.

I chuckled to myself and turned my attention to the tv, flicking through the channels until the screen shown the empty basement downstairs. Soon, I hoped, it would have more boys down there. More boys I could torture just like the Sykes brothers. I could always hope.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, i killed the prom queen, jj peters, oli sykes, slash, tom sykes
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