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In your face!

Pokemon's on now. Ash is going for a gym badge. Let's see if he actually earns it through battle this time.

Posters are still awol as are (at least) 3 dvds (Horton Hears A Who, the first Death Note film and Wall-E).

After seeing The Used picspams I wanna do a fic with them. I'm annoyed that the Birmingham academy website says that they're sold out already. Bah. Gotta check next week.

Still not said anything to mum bout Attack! Attack! Might on Saturday.

Tomorrow she's gonna go to Walsall to see Harry Potter with my cousins. Gets her out the way awhile.

Tomorrow or Saturday I'm gonna go do food shopping in Cannock again. Depends on weather. Might get Rock Sound.

Stupid laptop died last night for no reason. I guess something made it restart. Dumb thing.

Scarily, the money was in today, which is scary but good.

So far Ash is losing. Failure. Brock stop giving us a stupid fucking commentary. Before I hit you. And bring back the old Team Rocket motto.

Likely tomorrow or Saturday I'll watch Battle Royale. Gotta go back on the Wii then too. Stupid turbines meaning I can't have it down there. Also, the dvd player that's up here is as stupid as hell.

And Ash has lost. He always fails at rock gyms first time. Now to watch Star Trek.

Must get Jay to kiss a guy somehow. I'd pay to see that.

I'm planning to do a very random poll tomorrow. You has been warned!

Anyone know where I can download photoshop? I wanna do icons damnit!
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