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The Advantage Of Being Sober

The Advantage Of Being Sober
Pairing: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Sean Smith, others implied
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Notes: Just random drunk sexfulness I came up with, set during this year's Warped tour.

If there was one advantage to being around drunk people it was that you could get them to do pretty much anything. That's how I'd ended up on Madina Lake's tour bus, with the twins rapidly undressing in front of me. This wasn't the first time I'd seen the pair of them naked, I'd actually lost count of the amount of times I'd seen them without their clothing. Some of the times I wasn't even involved.

While they were undressing, they kissed each other, their tongue's darting in and out of one another's mouths. I sat to watch the pair of them, removing my t-shirt from my body as I did so. I dropped my t-shirt on the floor, then started on my low-hanging jeans. I pushed them down my legs while they ground their hips together, moaning in their drunk state. The alcohol just turned the pair of them into sluts.

"Did I tell you how we got onto Warped?" Nathan slurred as he turned to face me, eyes on by stiff cock as it was freed with my boxers. "I had to do such depraved things for Bert Mc... Mcrack... Mccrackhoe!" He giggled softly, falling to the floor and crawling towards me while Matthew remained silent, dispite mirroring his actions. "Or was it some other tour... I dunno."

I wasn't sure if he was talking shit, though I was sure they'd done something with Bert. They'd toured with each other to much not to. "And there was this one time in... err, somewhere in England. You know, where you're from." I rolled my eyes, not wanting to correct him. "And I was getting my ass pounded by this dude, tall, with eyebrows while this fat guy watched and..." I growled low in my throat, gripping the back of his head and forcing his head down onto my cock. I didn;t care for his stories, which seemed to be nothing more then boasts. I didn't boast about the amount of dicks I'd sucked to get where I was today so why should he? I had a feeling it was more to do with the booze though.

Matthew was much better then he was. First, he kissed his brother's throat where my cock made it bulge obscenely. Then, he shifted between my spread legs, finding a comfortable position to lick at full balls. I purred at the sensation, moaning as Nathan suckled on my stiff shaft. They both worked in a strange sort of tandem, which was one of the things that was so wonderful about the pair of them. Matthew parted his lips and took my balls into his mouth, as Nathan began to bob up and down my length. I couldn't help but let out soft moans of pleasure at the sensations they were providing me.

I was content with that for a few minutes, but knew it could get better. So I kept a hold of Nathan's head, making sure my cock stayed lodged down his throat so he couldn't speak as I stood up. Matthew shifted from his place between my legs, moving behind me to kiss at my ass. His hands held onto my cheeks, parting them gently so he could lean in and lick along my cleft. I groaned softly, bucking my hips against his twin's face. Matthew worked the tip of his soft tongue within me, the muscle entering my body after circling my ring a few times. I purred softly, rocking between the pair of them. "Oh shit, you both feel so fucking good."

I moaned softly, my speed increasing. Nathan squeezed his lips around my hard flesh, his tongue darting over my dick. Matthew's tongue wiggled against my inner walls, his fingertips caressing my cleft lightly. I could feel myself getting close, even though it hadn't been too long. "Shit..." I tried to think of things to hold off, but it's a lot hard then it sounds. Instead of images which would hold me back, my mind treated me to images that only served to get me off faster. Gareth showering. Jay in that silver outfit he's so fiond off. Rhys getting a blowjob off Matthew. I came wordlessly down Nathan's throat, gripping his blonde locks between my fingers as I did so.

Matthew shifted around from his position, so that he wouldn't get crushed as I sat back in the seat, exhausted. I watched them kiss, sharing my cum between them. "So hot..." I smirked slightly, noticing something I hadn't earlier, Sprawled over the sofa in the the lounge was Mateo, their passed out guitarist. Something I always knew about getting drunk was you never pass out on a tour bus unless it's in a bunk. I reclined back against my seat, my smirk becoming wider as I watched them. "How about you jerk off over his face?" I nodded in his direction, then grinned as they did just that.
Tags: fic, madina lake, matthew leone, matthew leone/nathan leone/sean smith, nathan leone, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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