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Can I drive over your foot?

I went to JC, which was pointless. It took over 45 minutes of waiting to even see someone. So my appointment was for 10:40 and I didn't see anyone till about 11:30. Bah. Least I don't have to go in for two weeks. However it's so fucking early in the morning. Bah.

Mikeysaur, isn't Attack! Attack! on the 25th?

I walked there and back, so I'm very tired.

Also, I got a mouse, but the plug's all wrong. Stupid laptop not having a mouse socket port like I thought. I'll keep it anyway for when the proper comp's sorted. For now I'm stuck using the fucking touchpad of doom.

Also got cheap peach ice tea. I forgot how icky that shit is.

Enterprise is on now so I'm watching that.

So RTD's leaving the BBC for America. I guess that's why he fucked Torchwood over, leaving it for someone else to clean up. Which makes me worry about the end of the next series of Sarah Jane and the last Doctor Who episodes he's responsible for.

After seeing it today I won't be getting the Torchwood series 3 dvd later this week like I first thought. It's too much, too depressing and has too few special features (probably due to coming out days after it was shown on tv). I'll get it cheaper at some point.

Later I'll write something maybe. Or go on Harvest Moon.
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