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A princess dress is not practical

Today, like yesterday, was eh.

I woke to mum bitching about me not doing anything or helping. Now I assumed we weren't doing much today so didn't feel any need to get up and she only bothered to wake me up after 2. WTF? I hate when she bitches like that.

She's calmed now I think.

Other then that, I've not done much, just watched stuff really. My mind's gone blank ficwise and the mouse's battery has died. Since it needs AAA's I've got none to replace them. Bah. I've gotta look for a USB wired mouse tomorrow. I know Argos has one cheap so I might get it from there unless Asda has one. I hate using the pad on laptops. It hurts my fingers so much, why don't they just have balls instead?

I hope tomorrow's easily sorted.Iif JC fuck around I may punch them in the face. I'm still debating wheather I'll go back into town once the money's in. Depends how I feel I guess. And if I settle on buying Torchwood. If it's cheap in Asda it may sway me.

I hate my uncle's gotta be here cause drying equipment's being bought in in the morning. Bah.

Now I'm back to watching Little Britain again.

I wish we had a tv guide, but we don't this week. Bah.

So Duncan from Blue is bi. Huzzah! I knew it! Maybe I should find where their albums are.

I downloaded 17 Again to watch at some point out of interest. Not because I wanna perv on Zac Efron. No, not at all.

Anyway. That is all. I'll go back to watching Little Britain and eating doritos.

Edit: Pathetic people on IJ are pathetic. Don't like what you read? Stop reading and lick the x in the corner. Not bitch about it in a comment (or worse, in some dumb ass comm).
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