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I wasn't even here!

Today's been an eh day. The bits of Lego see to have fallen in a space time rift or some shit cause I can't find them.

After that I messed about in the room, sorting out the shelves and trying to find poster again. I've only found two posters so far, which I find odd. This confuses and infuruiates us!

I went on both Pikmin and Harvest Moon to calm me down. I got the blue Pikmin on it, so now I ca get water stuff. On Harvest Moon I got a chicken coop... next stop chicken!

Mum's amusing. She thinks The Blackout have a girl drummer. I think she's confused with MSI, cause I mentioned Claire likes Lyn-z and I think she's gotten confused. Very confused in the way only adults can do.

I've been just watching random stuff really. I watched Little Britain Live earlier and random funnies before that.

I tried writing, but I've had block. I tried to write, but just got nothing really. Maybe I should do a standalone before trying to finish that fic again.

And now my foot's fallen asleep. Stupid bastard thing.

THus concludes pointless post of... well, pointlessness.
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