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I don't care what you think

So far today has been shit.

For one I was woke up by moaning and then not allowed to even wake properly (despite asking) before the hoover was upstairs and going outside my open door. Bah.

Second, while trying to put back up one of the shelves (that was oh so stupidly took down. I knocked the top shelf. Result? All the Lego Star Wars came down (mostly the newest ones) and smashed. So many of the pieces are awol I can't put together what I have. Bah!

I went on Pikmin last night. I want them as pets. However going on it proved irritating (probably causa how late it was) so I stopped after awhile.

I'm still enraged/depressed about Torchwood. I made a mental list last night of who could be bought in to fill the gaps. Here's what I remember:
*Lois (probably the most likely)
*Martha (unlikely cause she's in UNIT, but she could appear again [that and isn't Freema or whatever in something else now?])
*Captain John (unlikely that he'd be a team player but anything's possible)
*Andy (unlikely cause I doubt he'd keep his mouth shut, but like Rhys he's capable)
*Mickey (unlikely cause if he was gonna join he'd probably have been there by now)
*Ianto (revived or from some parrallel universe cause we live in hope damnit!)
*Adam Mitchell (in the future... he'd at least be studied by them)
*Luke Smith (in the future, when he's old enough)
*Johnson (she has the whole 'for the state' thing going on)

Now I'm going back to try and find the bits to fix them.
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