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So you're just running away?

Will someone explain to me what the fuck I just watched?

So the whole point of those 5 episodes was just to fuck Jack over? It's not enough for him to lose Ianto oh no, he's gotta sacrifice his grandson too (using a logic similar to what he used way back in Small Worlds). Gwen's right about the Doctor I think. And I hope to fuck that chick doesn't get to be PM. At least Lois is free and Bridget and Frobisher saw sense. I loved how Andy took a stand too. It seems even Johnson hated what they were doing, which is at elast something.

Before this started I was really hoping for a series 4. I was looking forward to another 13 episodes of Jack/Ianto and other goodness but now.... Well, like Mikey said, they've ruined it. These last episodes have been what you'd expect if a show was being axed. It's likely we'll only see Jack again in Doctor Who and probably Torchwood won't come back unless something happens at the rift in the show (or the world gets taken again). Days 1-3 were good, really good but the last two just... destroyed it.

Today's been boring other then that. I may return to writing later and should be on Wii soon. I finally saw a genie in AC.

Swine flu is here in the local schools. Worst is one that's only a stone's throw from nan's care home. That worries me more then anything. It seems to only kill the weakest that contract it and, well, she's weak anyway.
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