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The Outback Part 1

The Outback
Pairing: JJ Peters/Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, rape, BDSM
Notes: For fruityahren, who wanted JJ porn and Sykes porn, so I got inspired. Hopefully part 2 will be done at some point soon, which'll be more twisted.
Part 1

I carefully studied the two bodies before me, smirking at such a beautiful sight. They were both entirely naked, their hands tied behind their unconcious bodies. Better yet, according to their IDs, they were brothers. Two very sexy brothers. The older of the pair was called Oliver. He had slightly shorter hair, which still hung almost to his shoulders. He was heavily tattooed, the largest being an eagle on his belly. His crotch was covered in dark curls, which surrounded his small cock. It was hardly there really, more like a little girls clit then a proper dick. His balls were each larger then it, clearly full of cum.

His brother was called Tom. He had dark hair, which hung just past his shoulders. While his sibling was nearly fully covered in tattooists ink, Tom didn't have a single one. He was also slightly slimmer and he had a much more noticeable cock. It was at least three times the size of Oliver's, though his balls were roughly the same size. Both boy's had nice, rounded asses, with tight little puckers. I'd examined those particularly closely, rubbing my finger around both of them. I'd been tempted to rape them both while they slept, but decided against it. Their faces would be just delicious as they watched me fuck the other brother. That and I was sure they'd make such beautiful sounds.

"Ugh..." I heard a soft sound from one of them, the noise making me smirk. Finally the drugs I'd used on them were wearing off. His brother stirred a few seconds later, making a similar small groan. I sat back to watch them, licking my lips lightly. Oliver's eyes snapped open when, after a small amount of wiggling, he realised he was bound. "What the fuck..." His eyes darted around, his body wiggling in a vain attempt to escape his bonds. "Tom!" He gasped at the sight of his baby brother in a similar position as his own.

"Oli..." The younger one replied, copying his brother's foolish attempts at escaping. I let them keep it up awhile longer, far too amused for my own good. "Is anyone there?" Tom yelled, but Oli glared at him to silence him.

"Don't say that Tom! You might attract whoever did this to us in the first place."

"Actually, I'm already here." I corrected him, standing up from my seat and walking over to them until I stood in their field of vision. They both looked up at me, fear flashing more in Tom's eyes than Oli's. "Hello little ones."

"You..." Tom whispered, though he couldn't manage more then that before his brother interrupted.

"Let us go!" Oli growled out, anger flashing in his eyes despite his powerlessness.

"I don't think I will." I smirked, kicking him in the stomach. It wasn't as hard as it could be, though it was enough to make him grunt in pain and attempt to shrink back. "You're mine, to use as I please for as long as I desire."

Oli still glared up at me, despite the blow causing him obvious pain. "Keep me, let my brother go."

I chuckled at his words, as if he had the power to make such a deal. Still it was sweet of him to offer. Pathetic, but sweet all the same. "Perhaps I'l consider it." Oli had unwittingly offered himself for the worst things I had in mind for them, all in the name of protecting his brother. "But I shall have my way with both of you." I stroked my hip, my dick jutting out from my crotch, hard and throbbing. I considered which boy I'd violate first. Oli had made my choice for me.

I growled and gripped Tom's body in my strong hands, pushing him against the floor with ease. I moved both hands to his cheeks, prising them apart to stare lustfully at his pucker. It twitched slightly, his body attempting to move away from me. I spat on his hole several times, having decided beforehand that neither were worth lube. He whimpered softly, making me small pleas which I just ignored. I thrust two fingers into him, making him moan loudly at the intrusion. He again tried to move away, but I placed a booted foot upon his back to hold him down. That seemed to do the trick, so I curved my digits within him. He gasped loudly, squeezing around my thick digits. "Good boy." I purred down at him, removing my foot from him and aiming my erection for the hole. With a low growl, I thrust myself into him harshly, smirking as the boy yelped loudly. I was right, he sounded beautiful.

Holding onto his cheeks, I pounded into him harshly, not giving him even a second to adjust to my dick. Like with lube, I didn't think he deserved such a thing. I dug my nails into his skin, spitting down upon his back. I watched as the saliva rolled down on his skin, eventually ending up at his crack. When I thrust my hips forward again, my cock buried the saliva deep inside of him, mixing with the blood from where my cock tore him open.

I gazed at Oli as he watched, his eyes wide and hate-filled. However he didn't struggle to try and free himself from the restraints, guessing I'd hurt Tom if he did so. Well, hurt him more. I licked my lips, thrusting in and out of him hard, his muscles clenching around me tightly. "Fuck, that's the stuff.." One last thrust was all it took for me to spill inside of him, my cum spurting over his bloodied insides.

Slowly, I pulled out of him, chuckling softly as I wiped the blood off my dick over his brother's face. The look in his eyes was most arousing. I let my gaze hift down his body, then smirked when my gaze reached his crotch. "Well, well, well. It seems you enjoyed my little show." I reached down and stroked his little, hard cock. I licked my lips lightly at the sight of it. "Well, since it'll take awhile before I'm able to fuck you, I guess we only have one choice." I smirked and turned to Tom, stroking the boy's hair. "You be a good boy now and fuck your brother, or I'll just have to start cutting off your body parts. Understand?"

The boy nodded and I untied his wrists and ankles. He didn't try bolting for the door, just crawled meekly towards his brother. It was good that he was so pliable and smart enough not to cross me. "Should I..." He looked between Oli's ass and me, not sure what to do. I smirked slightly, licking my lips.

"Yeah, eat him out. Don't finger him though, little cunt doesn't deserve that." He whimpered, but didn't say anything more. His hands reached up shakily and pulled Oli's cheeks apart. He leaned in close and inhaled the scent, before licking along his crack. I smirked, staring as he licked deep, making the older boy moan. I suspected from their lack of objection and how easily he got into it that they may have done this before. Perfect little sluts. I sat down to watch them, smirking as Tom kept pushing his tongue into his brother, his own dick stiffening. "That's enough." I growled softly, nudging him in the side with my foot. "Now pound his little ass."

Tom whimpered, then shifted slightly to stand. He looked at me uncertainly and, after a glare from me, he thrust into Oli. The older boy cried out in pain, his body squirming at the intrusion. Tom didn't stop, probably guessing that another hesitation would just piss me off. The young boy moved in and out of him as fast as his body was able, his cock glistening a little more on each thrust. "That's it, fuck him good and hard." There was a little whimper from one of them as Tom slammed forward perticularly hard. My cock twitched between my legs as I watched them fuck. It was such a wonderful sight. If it hadn't been a sudden thing to make them do it, I'd have filmed it.

"Oh..." Tom whispered softly, so much so that I could barely hear. "You feel so... ohh..." His back arched a little and he looked over at me. "Can I... I want to touch him."

"No, you can't." I growled softly, shaking my head slightly. "And never ask such a thing again." I snarled as I palmed my semi-hard cock. "I'm your master now and you can't cum without my say so." I leaned closer towards him and smirked slightly. "But you can."

He nodded and increased his speed, scratching Oli's inkless back as he did so. Oli's back arched and he moaned loudly. I kept an eye on his little prick, making sure the boy didn't cum. If he did, well, I'd take his balls. While he was stiff and leaking a little, he didn't seem to be that close. Yet. Tom, however, seemed like he was nearly there. His face was twisted in pleasure and his hips were moving harshly, almost leaving dents in Oli's fleshy arse cheeks.

"Cum in your brother you worthless little bitch. You know you want to cunt." I growled at him, licking my lips. "Shoot deep inside his worthless boy pussy."

"Ugh... fuck..." Tom tipped his head back a little and gasped before he released. I knew he did when he stilled and thrust forward. It was truly beautiful. I knew I'd have to make them do it again. With cameras.

"That's it." I purred when Tom falled to the floor, then I stood up and walked towards the pair of them, stroking the boys hair. "Good bitch. Oli, you will lick him clean." I pushed Tom into position in front of him, smirking as Oli decided to behave and like the fluids from the softening shaft. Still, despite this I knew they'd require to restraint.

"Now, go into your cage." I growled softly once his dick was clean, the juices replaced by saliva. I nodded towards it, the bars shining from the clean I'd given them earlier. Tom crawled over to it and entered his cage. Once he was within, I shut the door and locked him within the tiny space, which was barely big enough for him.

"Please let him go." Oli whispered softly from where he remained, bound on the floor. "Please."

"Shut up bitch." I growled and kicked him hard in the stomach, smirking as he groaned. "Now if you plea again, I will start hacking parts off both of you. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes." He whispered softly.

"Yes what?"

"Yes Master." He replied reluctantly.

"Good boy." I nodded and dragged him across the floor, shackling his ankles to chains on the wall. I undid the bonds that held him, the made him stand and secured his wrists to similar shackles. I looked him over, before deciding that there needed to be more. I retrieved a few toys from a nearby wall, then attached a clamp to each of his hardened nipples. After that, I sealed his cock and balls in a tiny rubber chastity device. For most people the tightness of it would hurt, but I was sure it wouldn't for him. The last addition was a black rubber balls gag, which I forced into his mouth and secured behind his head. "There, you will stay like that tonight as punishment for you disobedience."

He struggled slightly, but I ignored him and walked back upstairs. If they behaved well enough, I would have them up here at some point. Even if they tried to run, they would fail. We were in the middle of nowhere, so if they did manage to get out they would just starve to death before reaching civilization. The joys of living in the outback. I chuckled to myself, then reclined back on my bed. Before I would sleep I would jack off, thinking of what I had planned for them. Especially Oli.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, i killed the prom queen, jj peters, oli sykes, slash, tom sykes
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