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Concrete blocks fail vs high drops

Again, that was awesome! Again, I want tomorrow now!

Things still unanswered from Day One: the government aare obviously unaware of Mr Smith, since I'm sure he'd be intelligent eough to work things out? What's the cut of point for children effected? Is it only kids under 13? Before puberty? What? Does that mean Luke and the rest of the Sarah Jane kids do it too?

So Frobisher was Torchwood's contact, that seems bad. Though maybe he did that on purpose. Who was the third body? Was is PC Andy? Go Ianto and his smartness. And his family. Mmmm gory Jack is oddly hot. As is naked Jack. And Jack's arse. I wonder if Rhys averted his gaze from his cock? Under normal circumstances Jack naked and cuffed would make Ianto extremely happy. Oh and yay for that Lois chick. She's smart and organised. She's like a girl version of Ianto sorta (I think she'd be a good team member). Also good is Jack's daughter being back tomorrow with a gun. So the 456's breathe toxic gas. Curious. I guess when they do arrive, they'll be hiding in the gas for suspense and mystery and shit. The PM is a total tool. Why couldn't they have an awesome one like Harriet Jones? Also it's implied that Jack knows something. What? Rhys is amusing.

Ianto is love.


Today I called JC and got through. Twice! I'm scared. It must be a sign of the apocalypse. I'm gonna be called back tomorrow.

I saw titch, she seemed nice and happy.

I woke up this morning with Danny all cute and curled up on the bed. He's adorable.

I've sorted out a very tiny portion of the bedroom. Namely the dvd shelf above the bed. I need to find the boxed dvds.

The Wii's set up downstairs as is the dvd player. So I'm using both here for the duration. It's best until my room's sorted. Gotta work on Harvest Moon to get more wood and shit.

For the last two nights I've not slept till 5am and I'm not sure why.

Stupid Street Truzt getting stuck in my head. You can't be 'hung like a trojan horse' cause it has no cock! And if it did it'd be wooden.

Later I'm gonna watch Vicar Of Dibley and maybe write.
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