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Got a funny quiff

I didn't get to sleep last night till about 5ish. It didn't help that the door downstairs was being creepy and kept opening and closing all of a sudden. I eventually got so creeped out I shut it and turned the light on.

Before that I finally sorted out an anon fic. Huzzah!

I'm on the laptop that aol sent us, despite us saying we didn't want it. We figure I may as well use it.

I've not set up the digibox in my room, solely cause my aerial cable is awol. Bah. However, I have sorted the one downlstairs so... yay. I've put up a few posters and I'll sort through the others in a bit.

I expect I'll be downstairs more then up for awhile.

The Tenacious D film was on last night and it was pretty funny, perhaps more then I'd expected.

This morning there's been a thunderstorm so I've not been able to make the JC call yet causa the noise. I will after lunch.

My glasses fell off my head and so one lens keeps dropping out. Mum's gonna take em to be sorted tomorrow.

I feel like doing a random picspam. Maybe I will tomorrow or something.

I may as well keep out of MCR fic for awhile. Cause I can't seem to write them or anything. So... yeah.

I'm in a random mood really.

I can't wait for Torchwood tonight. 8 hours to go!

Mum's gonna be gone soon for awhile, so yay!
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